20+ Slang for Hockey (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Hockey Mean?

Hockey is a team sport played on ice, grass, or synthetic surfaces where players use sticks to hit a puck or ball into the opponent’s goal. The objective is to score more goals than the opposing team.

Slang For Hockey

Slang Words for Hockey

  1. Twig: A player’s hockey stick.
  2. Barn: The hockey arena.
  3. Biscuit: The hockey puck.
  4. Celly: Goal celebration.
  5. Chirp: Trash talk.
  6. Dangle: Skillful puck handling.
  7. Enforcer: A physical, fighting player.
  8. Gino: A goal scored.
  9. Hatty: A hat-trick, or three goals.
  10. Light the Lamp: To score a goal.
  11. Mitts: Hockey gloves.
  12. Pylon: A slow, unskilled player.
  13. Rocket: Attractive female fan.
  14. Sieve: A bad goaltender.
  15. Snipe: A precise, hard shot.
  16. Tape-to-Tape: A perfect pass.
  17. Tender: The goaltender.
  18. Wheel: To skate fast.
  19. Zebra: The referee.
  20. Top Cheese: Upper corner of the net.

Use of Hockey Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Pass me your twig, mine broke.
  2. The atmosphere in the barn is electric tonight.
  3. He shot the biscuit right past the goalie.
  4. That was an amazing celly after scoring.
  5. Stop trying to chirp, just play the game.
  6. He managed to dangle around three defenders.
  7. Our enforcer got into another fight.
  8. What a gino, straight into the net!
  9. He’s on fire, just got a hatty!
  10. She managed to light the lamp twice already.
  11. These new mitts feel great on my hands.
  12. We can’t keep passing to the pylon.
  13. Did you see that rocket in the front row?
  14. Their sieve let in five goals.
  15. He scored with a snipe from the blue line.
  16. That was a tape-to-tape pass.
  17. The tender made an incredible save.
  18. He started to wheel down the ice.
  19. The zebra missed that penalty call.
  20. He aimed for the top cheese and scored.

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