20+ Slang for Missing (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Missing Mean?

“Missing” refers to the state of something or someone not being present or accounted for in a location where they are expected or needed. It implies an absence that can evoke feelings of longing, loss, or concern.

Slang For Missing

Slang Words for Missing

Here is the list of slang words for Missing with meanings:

  1. MIA: Missing in Action; not present.
  2. Ghosted: Suddenly ceased all communication; disappeared.
  3. AWOL: Absent Without Leave; not present without notice.
  4. No-show: Expected but didn’t arrive; absent.
  5. Dipped: Left quickly or unexpectedly; vanished.
  6. Vanished: Disappeared suddenly; not traceable.
  7. Skipped: Deliberately avoided; chose not to attend.
  8. Bounced: Left quickly, especially to avoid something.
  9. Flaked: Failed to show up; backed out.
  10. Disappeared: Gone suddenly without a reason.
  11. Peaced out: Left without much notice; departed quickly.
  12. Faded: Slowly disappeared; reduced presence.
  13. Cut out: Left abruptly; departed quickly.
  14. Bolted: Left suddenly, often due to fear.
  15. Vamoosed: Left in a hurry; went away fast.
  16. Scrammed: Left hastily, often to avoid trouble.
  17. Bugged out: Departed quickly, often due to alarm.
  18. Evaporated: Disappeared like vapor; gone quickly.
  19. Bailed: Left abruptly, often avoiding commitment.
  20. Jetted: Left in a hurry; moved fast.

Use of Missing Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Missing:

  1. She’s been MIA from the last three meetings.
  2. I called him, but he totally ghosted me.
  3. He went AWOL from the army last year.
  4. She was a no-show at her own birthday party.
  5. I saw the drama and immediately dipped.
  6. My cat has vanished, I can’t find him anywhere.
  7. He skipped the family reunion this year.
  8. When the police arrived, he bounced.
  9. She promised to help, but then she flaked.
  10. My favorite pen has disappeared from my desk.
  11. Once the concert ended, he peaced out.
  12. As the night wore on, the crowd slowly faded.
  13. As soon as the argument started, he cut out.
  14. When the dog barked, the thief bolted.
  15. I was bored, so I vamoosed from the party.
  16. They scrammed when they saw the security guard.
  17. We bugged out of the campsite when it started raining.
  18. My drink seemed to have evaporated in this heat!
  19. I didn’t enjoy the movie, so I bailed early.
  20. He jetted off to Paris for the weekend.

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