20+ Slang for Car (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Car Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

“Car” refers to a wheeled vehicle for transporting passengers, primarily on roads. The term originates from the Latin “carrus,” meaning a two-wheeled wagon.

Slang For Car

Slang Words for Car

  1. Whip – A stylish car.
  2. Ride – One’s personal vehicle.
  3. Hooptie – An old, dilapidated car.
  4. Jalopy – An old, unreliable car.
  5. Bucket – A beater or junky car.
  6. Beast – A powerful, impressive car.
  7. Banger – An old car, often noisy.
  8. Sled – A low, sleek car.
  9. Rig – Large vehicle or truck.
  10. Tin can – A cheap, low-quality car.
  11. Clunker – Old, malfunctioning car.
  12. Hot rod – Customized, fast car.
  13. Chariot – Playful term for car.
  14. Gas guzzler – Car with poor fuel efficiency.
  15. Cage – A term used by motorcyclists for cars.
  16. Lemon – Car that’s frequently defective.
  17. Rust bucket – Old car with rust.
  18. Stallion – A powerful, sleek car.
  19. Beater – Old, worn-out car.
  20. Boat – A large, bulky car.

Use of Car Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Check out my new whip in the driveway.
  2. I just cleaned my ride; looks fresh, right?
  3. My hooptie finally broke down yesterday.
  4. His jalopy won’t last another year.
  5. That old bucket barely starts in winter.
  6. She roared down the street in her beast.
  7. That noisy banger keeps setting off alarms.
  8. The lowrider event had some cool sleds.
  9. He transports goods in his big rig.
  10. I bought a tin can just to commute.
  11. I’m selling that old clunker next week.
  12. He’s racing his hot rod this weekend.
  13. Your chariot awaits outside, madam.
  14. That SUV is a real gas guzzler.
  15. I prefer bikes; don’t like driving a cage.
  16. I think I bought a lemon last year.
  17. His rust bucket is a tetanus hazard.
  18. The new sports model is a true stallion.
  19. I got the beater for only $500.
  20. His old Cadillac is such a boat.

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