20+ Slang for Clitoris (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Clitoris Mean?

The clitoris is a female sexual organ that is sensitive to touch and is involved in sexual arousal and pleasure. The term originates from the Ancient Greek word “kleitoris,” which possibly derives from “kleiein,” meaning “to shut” or “to close,” though the exact etymology is not clear.

Slang For Clitoris

Slang Words for Clitoris

  1. Bean: A small bump
  2. Button: Like a push-button
  3. C-Spot: Pleasure center
  4. Pearl: Precious gem
  5. Lady Bit: Feminine part
  6. Love Bud: Affectionate term
  7. Man in the Boat: Humorous imagery
  8. Nub: Small protrusion
  9. Pleasure Nub: For sexual arousal
  10. Little Man: Gender-neutral term
  11. Hooded Lady: Covered part
  12. Happy Button: Joy-inducing spot
  13. Chickpea: Small and round
  14. Hot Spot: Sensual zone
  15. Tickle Button: Highly sensitive
  16. Pinky: Small and pink
  17. Jewel: Precious part
  18. Treasure: Valuable find
  19. Wand: Magical touch
  20. Rosebud: Flower-like

Use of Clitoris Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She touched the bean gently.
  2. The button is very sensitive.
  3. Focus on the C-Spot for pleasure.
  4. The pearl is hidden but precious.
  5. She cleaned her lady bit carefully.
  6. The love bud is highly sensitive.
  7. The man in the boat is elusive.
  8. The nub is a focus of pleasure.
  9. Concentrate on the pleasure nub for arousal.
  10. The little man can be hard to find.
  11. The hooded lady requires gentle touch.
  12. Press the happy button for joy.
  13. The chickpea is small but important.
  14. The hot spot enhances sexual pleasure.
  15. The tickle button is extremely sensitive.
  16. The pinky is small and discreet.
  17. The jewel is well-protected and valued.
  18. She discovered her own treasure.
  19. The wand can bring magical sensations.
  20. The rosebud is tender and delicate.

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