30+ Slang for Bartender (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Bartender Mean?

A bartender is a person who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar. The term originates from “bar”, a counter for serving drinks, and “tender”, meaning someone who attends to customers.

Slang For Bartender

Slang Words for Bartender

  1. 86’d – Out of stock
  2. Back – A chaser drink
  3. Boilermaker – Beer and shot combo
  4. Bottoms up – Drink it all
  5. Chaser – Drink after a shot
  6. Dead soldier – Empty beer bottle
  7. Dirty – With olive brine
  8. Dry – Without vermouth
  9. Dusty – Rarely ordered bottle
  10. Flat – Lacking carbonation
  11. Float – Liquor on top layer
  12. Free pour – No measuring tool
  13. Frosty – Extremely cold drink
  14. In the weeds – Overwhelmed with orders
  15. Legs – Liquor cling on glass
  16. Muddled – Ingredients pressed together
  17. Neat – Without ice/mixers
  18. On the rocks – Over ice
  19. Rail – Cheap, well liquors
  20. Rim – Edge of a glass
  21. Rocks glass – Short tumbler
  22. Shaken – Mixed in shaker
  23. Stirred – Mixed with spoon
  24. Straight up – Chilled, no ice
  25. Tall – Larger mixer amount
  26. Twist – Citrus peel garnish
  27. Up – Chilled, served without ice
  28. Virgin – Non-alcoholic version
  29. Well – House liquor selection
  30. With a water back – Accompanied by water

Use of Bartender Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. That item’s 86’d from tonight’s menu.
  2. Whiskey with a soda back, please.
  3. I’ll have a boilermaker to start.
  4. He smiled and said, “Bottoms up!”
  5. Do you want a soda chaser?
  6. Clear away that dead soldier, please.
  7. I’ll have my martini dirty.
  8. Make that martini extra dry for me.
  9. That’s quite a dusty bottle there.
  10. This soda’s gone flat; replace it.
  11. Can you float some rum on top?
  12. I trust you, just free pour it.
  13. Hand me that frosty mug, please.
  14. Tonight, I’m totally in the weeds!
  15. This wine has impressive legs.
  16. The mint needs to be muddled well.
  17. I’ll have my whiskey neat.
  18. Pour the scotch on the rocks.
  19. I’ll take a gin from the rail.
  20. Salt the rim for my margarita.
  21. Serve it in a rocks glass.
  22. I like my cocktails shaken.
  23. That drink should be stirred, not shaken.
  24. Serve the martini straight up.
  25. I’d like a tall gin and tonic.
  26. Add a lemon twist to my drink.
  27. I’ll have it up, please.
  28. Make it a virgin pina colada.
  29. Use the well vodka for this drink.
  30. I’ll have whiskey with a water back.

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