30 Funny Ways to Say Someone Is Gay

Funny Ways to Say Someone Is Gay

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Someone Is Gay:

  1. They play for the other team.
  2. Unicorn lover.
  3. He’s got a rainbow connection.
  4. Sings in the LGBTQ choir.
  5. Marches in a different parade.
  6. Swings the other way.
  7. She’s a friend of Dorothy.
  8. Prefers the same-side menu.
  9. Skips on the rainbow side.
  10. His compass points to fabulous.
  11. Belongs to the glitter club.
  12. He’s got a sprinkle in his step.
  13. Tunes into a different frequency.
  14. She’s all about that Lady Gaga vibe.
  15. Rainbows light up his path.
  16. Flies a different kind of flag.
  17. Sails on the LGBT sea.
  18. Hearts beat to a queer rhythm.
  19. Dances in the colorful rain.
  20. She’s got that glittery gleam.
  21. Operates on a spectrum of awesome.
  22. Prefers his tea served with pride.
  23. She’s a beacon in the gayborhood.
  24. Vibrates on the love-is-love frequency.
  25. Swirls in a world of colors.
  26. His magic carpet rides on rainbows.
  27. Waves the flag of love.
  28. She’s all about equal-opportunity crushes.
  29. Revels in the spectrum of love.
  30. Lives life in full color.


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