30 Funny Ways to Say I Have A Boyfriend

Funny Ways to Say I Have A Boyfriend

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say I Have A Boyfriend:

  1. Sorry, I’ve already been claimed by another human.
  2. He’s not imaginary, I swear!
  3. I’ve got a dude in the backstage.
  4. My +1 is a permanent spot.
  5. Reserved seating in my heart – no vacancies!
  6. I’ve got a co-pilot already!
  7. This ship has a captain!
  8. Already part of a two-piece set!
  9. Sorry, my dance card’s full.
  10. There’s a knight who’s claimed this damsel!
  11. There’s a ‘Taken’ status and it’s not a movie!
  12. I’ve got a partner in crime… and it’s serious.
  13. The parking spot’s taken!
  14. There’s a ‘No Vacancy’ sign on my heart.
  15. Player 2 has entered the game.
  16. Someone’s already put a ring on it… well, metaphorically!
  17. Heart’s been booked, no waitlist!
  18. Sorry, exclusive contract – no new signings!
  19. Someone’s already got dibs!
  20. Got a guy who calls shotgun permanently!
  21. There’s already a king to my castle.
  22. Team’s full – no drafts this season!
  23. Got my own superhero at home!
  24. My adventure map’s got a duo mode.
  25. I’ve already been tagged ‘It’.
  26. My heart’s taken… and so’s Friday night!
  27. Someone’s already swiped right.
  28. VIP section of my heart? Full house!
  29. There’s a lion guarding this den!
  30. I’ve got a sidekick, and he doesn’t share!


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Funny Ways to Say I Have A Boyfriend