20+ Slang for 100 Dollars ($100) (Their Uses & Meanings)

“100 dollars” refers to a unit of currency with a denomination of one hundred United States dollars. It is a form of legal tender used for transactions, purchases, and financial exchanges in the United States.

Slang For 100 Dollars

Slang Words for 100 dollars ($100)

Here is the list of slang words for 100 dollars ($100):

  1. Benjamin
  2. Benny
  3. C-note
  4. Blue-faced
  5. Hundo
  6. Bill
  7. One bill
  8. Buck
  9. Century note
  10. Big one
  11. Franklin
  12. Greenback
  13. Yard
  14. Stack
  15. Blue cheese
  16. One hunnit
  17. A bill
  18. Cool Benjamin
  19. Blue note
  20. Big blue

Slang Terms for 100 Dollars ($100) with Meanings

  1. Benjamin: Reference to Benjamin Franklin.
  2. Benny: Short for Benjamin Franklin.
  3. C-note: C represents the Roman numeral for 100.
  4. Blue-faced: Color of the bill.
  5. Hundo: Shortened form of “hundred.”
  6. Bill: Short for banknote.
  7. One bill: One hundred dollar note.
  8. Buck: Common term for dollar.
  9. Century note: Century means 100.
  10. Big one: Referring to 100.
  11. Franklin: After Benjamin Franklin’s portrait.
  12. Greenback: Historic term for U.S. paper currency.
  13. Yard: British slang, 100 in certain contexts.
  14. Stack: Usually refers to a bundle.
  15. Blue cheese: Play on “blue” (for the bill color).
  16. One hunnit: Phonetical play on “hundred.”
  17. A bill: Another term for banknote.
  18. Cool Benjamin: Cool, calm Benjamin Franklin.
  19. Blue note: Blue from the bill’s color.
  20. Big blue: Emphasizes the value and color.

Use of 100 Dollars ($100) Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. I just found a Benjamin in my jacket!
  2. She gifted me a Benny for my birthday.
  3. Can you break this C-note at the store?
  4. My wallet’s got three Blue-faced bills inside.
  5. He owes me a Hundo from last week.
  6. I dropped the Bill in the puddle.
  7. She handed over One bill for payment.
  8. Buy the shoes; they’re only a Buck.
  9. I found an old Century note in storage.
  10. I saved up a Big one for vacation.
  11. The Franklin looked crisp and new.
  12. I haven’t seen a Greenback in ages.
  13. In London, he lost a Yard betting.
  14. She carries a Stack in her purse always.
  15. Ever see a Blue cheese with creases?
  16. That’s pricey, at least One hunnit dollars!
  17. Can you change this A bill for me?
  18. The sneaker’s cost is one Cool Benjamin.
  19. Found a Blue note under the couch.
  20. I owe him a Big blue from yesterday.

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