10 Funny and Short Poems for 11 Year Olds

Introducing a delightful collection of whimsical verses tailored just for 11-year-olds! Dive into these ten chuckle some poems, each one short and sweet, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and ignite your imagination. Ready to giggle and grin? Let’s begin!

Funny and Short Poems for 11 Year Olds

1. The Sneezing Spaghetti

There’s a dish, quite a wish, that’ll make you say “Oh!” It’s a plate of spaghetti that’s ready to go.

Spaghetti on my plate,

Twisting, twirling, feeling great.

But then it gave a sneeze,

Covered my shirt, oh geez!


Mom looked with eyes so wide,

Dad just laughed and sighed.

My sister took a pic,

Spaghetti, you played a trick!


Now each meal, we wait and see,

Will our food come alive with glee?

For a dinner that made us giggle,

Spaghetti, you made us wriggle!

2. Hovering Homework

When schoolwork gets a bit too dull, imagine if it started to pull a stunt. This poem is about homework that won’t stay put.

My homework started to float,

Above my desk, like a boat.

Pencil, paper, all in air,

Hovering without a care.


“Come down,” I pleaded, quite stressed,

“This isn’t a magic test!”

But it danced and twirled around,

Without making a sound.


Finally, it settled down,

On my desk, without a frown.

Next time, maybe I’ll start sooner,

Before homework becomes a lunar!

3. Giggle-filled Glasses

Ever thought your spectacles could have a life of their own? This poem is for everyone who has ever misplaced their glasses.

On my nose, they sit so tight,

Glasses that help my sight.

But one day, they chose to hide,

Went on a tiny joyride.


Found them atop the fridge,

Beside a sandwich bridge.

Next, on the cat they lay,

Oh, what a fun-filled day!


I wonder where they’ll be next,

These glasses with a humor reflex.

Maybe I’ll just keep them near,

So their giggles I can always hear.

4. Jumping Jellybeans

Here’s a sweet treat that decides to leap and bound. A poem about candy with energy all around.

Jellybeans in the jar,

Colorful, near and far.

But today, they began to hop,

Jumping, popping, non-stop.


Red and green, blue and pink,

Bouncing higher than you think.

They leapt out and danced on the floor,

Till I couldn’t see them anymore.


Found them later, taking a rest,

In my shoe, that was the best!

Jellybeans with a zest to roam,

Till I convinced them to come home.

5. The Ticklish Toothbrush

A poem about a toothbrush that just can’t stop tickling. Brushing your teeth was never this fun!

My toothbrush, blue and sleek,

Started to giggle and squeak.

Every time I tried to brush,

It would wiggle, nudge, and push.


Making bubbles, making mess,

Turning brushing into a jest.

Left, right, up, and down,

With every tickle, I’d frown.


I now laugh every morning bright,

With a toothbrush that feels so light.

For a start that’s happy and plush,

Thank you, my ticklish toothbrush!

6. The Whistling Wallet

Imagine a wallet that whistles tunes. This poem brings to life a chirpy pocket companion.

In my pocket, snug and tight,

My wallet felt just right.

But lately, it began to sing,

Whistling tunes of everything.


At the store, it’d chirp a song,

Amusing crowds all day long.

Coins and notes would dance inside,

To the wallet’s musical guide.


I don’t need a radio now,

My wallet’s music takes a bow.

For tunes that are never stale,

Thank you, whistling wallet tale!

7. Chatty Chocolate Chip Cookies

A poem about cookies that just can’t stop talking. Munching was never this entertaining!

Freshly baked, nice and hot,

Chocolate chip cookies, a whole lot.

But to my surprise, they began to chat,

Discussing this and discussing that.


“Is the oven too hot for you?”

“No, but the fridge is too cool, it’s true!”

Conversations, chuckles, and more,

These cookies had tales galore.


I had a bite, amidst their talk,

Now, they chat inside, as I walk.

Cookies that chat, what a quip!

With every bite, I get a tip!

8. Shoes with the Blues

Ever thought your shoes could feel emotions? This poem gives a voice to the shoes that carry us.

My shoes, once bright and new,

Now looked a little blue.

They sighed when I wore them tight,

And sang the blues every night.


Walking, running, sometimes slow,

They’d hum a tune, low and mellow.

Rain or shine, mud or snow,

With feelings, they’d glow.


I gave them a polish, shiny and neat,

Now they tap-dance to their beat.

For shoes with emotions, so true,

Here’s a song just for you!

9. Pancake Pranks

A poem about a pancake that loves to play. Breakfast time is now fun time!

Fluffy pancake on the plate,

With syrup, it’d feel so great.

But when I tried to take a bite,

It slipped away, taking flight.


Around the table, it did skate,

Dodging the fork, oh so great!

With butter, it’d slide and glide,

Playing pranks, side to side.


Finally caught it, with a cheer,

“Gotcha now, my pancake dear!”

For a breakfast full of thanks,

Cheers to the pancake pranks!

10. Lively Lunchbox

This poem is about a lunchbox that makes every meal a surprise. You never know what’s inside!

Lunchbox packed, ready to go,

Sandwich, fruit, and maybe a cookie or so.

But when I’d open it at noon,

A balloon floated out, under the moon.


Next day, a toy train came out,

Chugging along, all about.

Every meal became a fun quest,

With my lunchbox, never a rest.


Now I wait, eager to see,

What surprise awaits me.

For a mealtime that’s never a bore,

Lively lunchbox, give me more!

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