10 Funny and Short Poems for 8 Year Olds

Dive into a world of giggles and jest with these 10 delightful poems tailored for 8-year-olds! Crafted with whimsy and charm, each verse promises a burst of laughter and a spark of imagination. Perfect for a quick read or bedtime tales. Enjoy the poetic fun!

Funny and Short Poems for 8 Year Olds

1. The Monster’s Sneeze

There’s a monster under the bed, but he isn’t quite scary. He’s got a cold, and his sneeze is extraordinary!

The monster under my bed,

Has a big, sniffly head.

He tried to give a roar,

But sneezed toys on the floor.


I asked if he felt okay,

He nodded, wiping his nose today.

“I’ve got the sniffles,” he sighed,

“And my tissue box has died.”


So I gave him some tea,

Hoping he’d soon be sneeze-free.

Turns out, monsters get colds too,

Just like me and just like you.

2. Floating in My Soup

A curious scene in a bowl of green, a little boat floats by. What’s it doing in the soup, under the dining sky?

In my bowl of pea soup,

There’s a tiny wooden sloop.

It sails past a crouton rock,

Guided by a carrot dock.


The captain, a lone green pea,

Waves his spoon at me.

“I’m off to explore the broth,

Avoiding the bread that’s soft.”


I laughed at the sight so neat,

My imagination, quite a treat.

Who’d have thought soup could be,

Such a fun and tasty sea?

3. The Dancing Shoes

In a world where shoes have feelings, imagine if they wanted to boogie? Watch as a pair takes to the floor, with grooves and moves galore!

My shoes began to tap and twist,

To a beat I couldn’t resist.

On the wooden floor they slid,

Doing dances I never did.


Left shoe spun, right jumped high,

They seemed to almost touch the sky.

Waltzing, tangoing, with such flair,

It was a sight beyond compare.


I clapped as they took a bow,

Wondering, “How’d they do that now?”

But then I grinned, knowing true,

Shoes dance when they’re on you.

4. Space-Bound Snail

The dream of a tiny snail is large and vast, as it wishes to rocket to the space so fast. Up and beyond, it hopes to sail, on a cosmic, starry trail.

A snail once dreamt of space,

Of stars and the moon’s embrace.

He wore a tiny helmet clear,

And rocketed without any fear.


Past planets, he did glide,

A comet’s tail he did ride.

Galaxies spun, nebulas swirled,

In this vast and endless world.


Back on Earth, he woke with glee,

Sharing tales of what he did see.

Dream big, no matter your scale,

That’s the lesson of our space-bound snail.

5. The Frog’s Rainy Day

Raindrops plop and skies are gray, but for a frog, it’s a splendid day. In puddles and ponds, it leaps with glee, celebrating the rain, as jolly as can be.

Raindrops fall, the frog does cheer,

His favorite weather is finally here.

Splashing in puddles, leaping about,

Loving the wet, without a doubt.


Umbrellas open, people dash,

Avoiding the splish and the splash.

But not our frog, he sings a song,

Hoping the rain will last all day long.


So when skies are gray and seem quite bleak,

Think of the frog, happy and unique.

For every weather, there’s joy to be found,

Just leap in a puddle and look around!

6. Hungry Clock

There’s a clock that ticks and tocks, but it’s craving something more than socks. It munches time, it gulps the hours, all while displaying its timely powers.

The clock in our hall,

Eats time, big and small.

It munches on minutes, sips on the seconds,

Hoping for hours as tasty reckonings.


Midnight strikes, it asks for a snack,

By noon it’s had quite a big pack.

Dinner at six, then again at nine,

This hungry clock sure does dine.


But don’t worry, don’t feel glum,

The clock feeds on time, but leaves us some.

It’s always there, ticking away,

Hungry for moments, day by day.

7. The Mischievous Pen

When writing a tale, one pen went rogue, doodling and drawing, letting its creativity explode. It sketched out adventures, both big and small, leaving the paper in complete awe.

There was a pen on my desk,

That didn’t behave like the rest.

Instead of writing neat and fine,

It drew doodles every time.


Mountains, valleys, dragons, and trees,

Oceans, spaceships, bumblebees.

It created worlds on paper plain,

With every twist and turn of its frame.


I couldn’t be mad, not even then,

For who could scold such a creative pen?

Its stories and art, a joy to see,

A mischievous pen, as happy as can be.

8. Bed’s Midnight Bounce

When the world is asleep, the bed begins to creep. What if your bed wanted to dance, taking a midnight prance?

Late at night, when all is still,

My bed begins to move at will.

It bounces high, it shakes around,

Grooving to a silent sound.


The pillows join, the blankets twirl,

In this midnight dance and whirl.

The bedposts spin, the mattress sways,

Enjoying these secret nocturnal plays.


But when dawn begins to announce,

The bed returns, quiet as an ounce.

Yet sometimes, I can’t help but think,

Of my bed’s secret midnight link.

9. The Sunglasses’ Day Out

Imagine if sunglasses could see, the wonders of the world, free and glee. Here’s a tale of shades on a spree, soaking in sights, as happy as can be.

My sunglasses on a sunny day,

Decided they’d like to go out and play.

They saw beaches, parks, and zoo sights,

Enjoyed sunny days and neon nights.


They gazed at oceans, blue and deep,

Watched cityscapes, where people heap.

Birds in the sky, cars on the street,

With every glance, a new treat.


When evening came, they’d had their fill,

Returning home, quiet and still.

But with memories bright, and stories to tout,

Of the sunglasses’ wonderful day out.

10. The Chocolate’s Great Escape

In a kitchen, a chocolate bar planned a flight, dreaming of adventures, day and night. Here’s how it tried to slip and slide, seeking a world outside, wide and wide.

In the kitchen drawer, hidden away,

A chocolate planned its great escape today.

Dreaming of mountains, rivers, and seas,

It wanted adventures, as many as these.


Slipping past cookies, dodging the tea,

It rolled to the window, wanting to be free.

The breeze called, the world so vast,

But then, it melted… oh, so fast!


Though its journey was quick, oh so brief,

The chocolate’s spirit held a strong belief.

Adventure can be close, or even just a glance,

It’s all about taking that very first chance.

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