10 Funny and Short Poems for 10 Year Olds

Introducing a delightful collection of short, humorous poems curated especially for our vibrant 10-year-olds! Dive into a world of giggles, chuckles, and pure poetic fun that’s just the right size for a quick read or an impromptu performance. Ready to tickle your funny bone? Let’s get started!

Funny and Short Poems for 10 Year Olds

1. The Flying Spaghetti

Ever imagined if spaghetti took to the skies? This whimsical poem explores the unlikely event of flying pasta and the hilarity it ensues.

Flying spaghetti in the air,

Twirling, spinning without a care.

With meatballs zooming left and right,

Such a tasty, hilarious sight!


Sauce drizzling from up above,

Pasta wings, a culinary dove.

Breadsticks following in a line,

This sky-dish is purely divine!


Forks and knives wish they could join,

To scoop up this aerial coin.

But alas, it’s just a funny dream,

Of airborne pasta in sunbeam.

2. The Sneaky Shoe

Imagine if your shoe had its own plans for the day. The mischievous adventures of a shoe on its own might just leave you laughing.

Woke up today with just one shoe,

The other? Well, it just flew!

It went on an adventure spree,

Jumping, running, wild and free.


Saw it dancing in the rain,

Splashing puddles, no refrain.

Climbing trees and sliding down,

The silliest shoe in the town.


Came back home, all muddy and wet,

With tales I’ll never forget.

Next time, I’ll join the fun too,

Dancing away with my sneaky shoe!

3. Chocolate’s Great Escape

Chocolates are delightful, but what if one decided it wasn’t ready to be eaten? Dive into this sweet escape tale.

My chocolate bar, sleek and sweet,

Decided it won’t accept defeat.

Hid behind the cookie jar,

Dreaming of escaping far.


Jumped onto the window sill,

Melted a bit, but had its fill.

Saw the world, so vast and wide,

Wished for wings to glide and slide.


By evening, it returned to me,

Half melted, but with glee.

Told tales of its great escape,

Now, it’s in a gooey shape!

4. Ode to My Lost Sock

Every laundry day, there seems to be a missing sock. Ever wondered where they go? This poem paints a picture.

In the washer, then the dryer,

One sock went mysteriously awry-er.

Maybe it went to a sock ball,

Or just wanted to leave it all.


In a world of socks and slides,

With no pairs, no need to hide.

Dancing freely on the toes,

Where it went, nobody knows.


If you see my sock around,

With stripes of blue and no sound,

Tell it I miss its twin,

And its adventures are quite the win!

5. The Jiggly Jello Tale

Jellos are wobbly and fun to poke. But what if they had a life of their own? Dive into the jiggly, giggly world.

Jello on my plate, so wobbly and neat,

Every time I poke, it skips a beat.

Twirling, spinning, with a bounce,

Its jiggly dance, ounce by ounce.


In a world of gelatin glee,

It dances with custard and tea.

A waltz with the fruits inside,

In its jiggly world, it does reside.


By dessert time, it’s ready to go,

But leaves behind a jiggly show.

A memory of a dessert so fine,

In the world of dine and shine.

6. The Ticklish Toothbrush

Brushing teeth is a daily task. But what if your toothbrush was ticklish? The morning routine just got funnier.

My toothbrush, so bristly and fine,

When I brush, says, “The tickles are mine!”

It giggles and wiggles, out of control,

Making toothpaste roll and roll.


In its world of bubbles and foam,

It dreams of a tickle-free home.

Where every bristle stands still,

Without laughing or a silly thrill.


I promise to brush gently each day,

Hoping the tickles will stay away.

But every morning, without fail,

The ticklish tales are off the scale!

7. The Mischievous Pencil

Writing with a pencil is normal, but what if it had its quirks? Dive into this funny tale of a pencil with a mind of its own.

Pencil on my desk, oh so lean,

Has a habit, slightly mean.

Drawing doodles on its own,

In a world, to me, unknown.


With eraser friends and sharpener foes,

It sketches tales, highs and lows.

Of dragons, spaceships, and the moon,

Even once, a singing raccoon.


I love my pencil, quirks and all,

With its tales, big and small.

Each day, a new story to tell,

In the world where it does dwell.

8. The Naughty Pillow Fight

Pillows are for resting, right? Not in this poem! Dive into a world where pillows have their own nighttime battles.

When the lights go out at night,

Pillows rise, ready to fight.

Feathers flying, covers sway,

In the moonlit, pillow fray.


Silent battles, muffled thumps,

Over blanket hills and bedpost bumps.

Victory cries, soft and low,

In the world of pillow throw.


By morning, they’re back in place,

Worn out from the nighttime race.

And we, clueless, rest our head,

Unaware of the battles led.

9. The Mirror’s Silly Face

Mirrors reflect our image, but what if they made funny faces back at us? Dive into this hilarious reflection tale.

Every morning, I face my mirror,

And find it’s becoming clearer.

It copies me, but with a twist,

Makes faces, I can’t resist.


Sticking out its tongue so wide,

Winking, grinning, side to side.

Mimicking my every move,

In its silly, funny groove.


I laugh and play along the game,

Each day’s reflection, never the same.

Thank you, mirror, for the funny trace,

Of every quirky, silly face.

10. The Hungry Alarm Clock

Waking up is hard, especially with an alarm clock. But what if it was hungry for time? Dive into this tick-tock tale.

My alarm clock, with a loud ring,

Has a peculiar, hungry thing.

Feasts on minutes, gobbles hours,

In its time-devouring powers.


At midnight, it snacks on the moon,

By afternoon, it’s hungry soon.

Dining on seconds, every tick-tock,

It’s a never-ending, time-eat clock.


Tomorrow, I’ll feed it some extra time,

Hoping it won’t chime before my prime.

But until then, I’m on the clock’s whim,

Waking up early, thanks to him!

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