10 Funny and Short Poems for 9 Year Olds

Delight in whimsy and laughter with these 10 hilarious short poems, perfectly crafted for the 9-year-old soul. Dive into a world of playful rhymes and imaginative tales that are sure to tickle the funny bones of both kids and the young at heart. Enjoy the poetic fun!

Funny and Short Poems for 9 Year Olds

1. The Monster Under My Bed

Have you ever thought about who lives just beneath where you lay your head at night? Let’s explore the possibility of a friendly monster who’s just trying to get some rest too!

There’s a monster beneath my bed,

With three eyes and a funny-shaped head.

He isn’t scary, just a bit shy,

Always peeping out, with a curious eye.


Every night, he asks for a book,

To lull him to sleep with the tales I’ve took.

Whispering stories of dragons and mimes,

Together we journey through magical times.


I once tried to swap, to sleep down below,

But he said, “Up there’s colder, didn’t you know?”

So, we agreed on this: our room-sharing creed,

I’ll stay on top, and he gets the space he needs.

2. The Day My Shoes Walked Away

Shoes are meant to carry us, but what if one day they decided to embark on their own journey?

This morning, I found an odd sight to see,

My shoes were gone, not where they’re supposed to be.

I searched high and low, looked every which way,

My sneakers had decided to walk away.


Down the street, in a conga line,

Dancing to a beat, looking mighty fine.

My sandals, my boots, all in a row,

Where were they off to? I had to know.


Turns out they were tired of feet and of toes,

Wanted freedom, a holiday I suppose.

I called them back with a song of my own,

Now they rest at home, their wanderlust gone.

3. The Curious Case of the Floating Cat

Ever imagined your pet doing the unexpected? Let’s dream a little of a cat that floats!

In our living room, something was amiss,

Our cat was floating, swaying with bliss.

No strings attached, up near the fan,

Was this a new trick, or a magical plan?


I asked her, “How do you do that neat trick?”

She just purred, did a twist and a kick.

Floating past vases, and then a top hat,

Nothing’s impossible for a floating cat.


Mom walked in, and with quite the shout,

Waved her hands, “Get down, right now!”

But I think secretly, even she thought it neat,

Our levitating cat, truly hard to beat.

4. The Hungry Homework Book

Homework can sometimes be quite the task, but what if it wasn’t us but our books that were hungry for more?

My book ate my homework, it’s true I swear,

I watched in horror, from my desk chair.

Gobbled it up, without even a chew,

Then looked up at me, as if asking for more food.


Pages flapped wildly, binder rings did a dance,

I tried to retrieve it, didn’t stand a chance.

The equations, the essays, all went inside,

In the belly of my book, they now reside.


Now when I tell teachers, they don’t believe the tale,

“Books eating homework? That’s an epic fail!”

But at night, when the world’s all hush and look,

I feed stories and tales to my hungry book.

5. The Alien in My Backpack

Ever felt your backpack being heavier than usual? What if an extraterrestrial traveler decided to hitch a ride?

Unzipped my bag, and to my surprise,

Two gleaming eyes, and a small size.

An alien sat, munching my snack,

“Hello there, human!” with a friendly wave back.


“From Mars I come, to see Earth’s school,

Hitching a ride, isn’t that cool?”

With silver skin, and fingers so thin,

He offered me some cosmic-space gin.


We shared stories, laughs, and a little dance,

This alien encounter, pure happenstance.

But when school was over, with a tear in his eye,

He climbed in my bag, and waved goodbye.

6. Chocolate Rain

Imagine a world where the rain is as sweet as your favorite treat. Welcome to a chocolaty shower!

One day the clouds, dark and full,

Rained down chocolate, oh, it was so cool!

Milk chocolate drops, and dark ones too,

The world turned sweet, with this tasty dew.


I opened my mouth, tasted the sky,

Sweet heavenly drops, oh my, oh my!

Rivers of caramel, lakes of delight,

Even the thunder was a chocolate bite.


But as all good things, it came to an end,

The sun came out, no more sweets to send.

But whenever it rains, with hope in my heart,

I hope for a chocolate start.

7. The Singing Toothbrush

The morning routine can sometimes be monotonous. What if your toothbrush suddenly serenaded you?

In the bathroom, early one day,

My toothbrush began to sway and play.

It sang a song, oh so bright,

“Brush left and right, with all your might!”


Bristles moved to the rhythm and beat,

Making sure, every tooth it did meet.

Singing of cavities, and minty paste,

Ensuring my teeth, had no waste.


When its song was done, with a bow it stood,

“Remember to rinse, like every child should!”

Now every morning, I await the song anew,

My singing toothbrush, my bathroom debut.

8. The Frog Who Wore Glasses

Animals are full of surprises. Let’s imagine a sophisticated frog, who loves to read!

By the pond, on a sunny day,

Sat a frog, in a peculiar way.

With spectacles on, and a book in hand,

He read tales from a distant land.


“Hello Mr. Frog, what do you read?”

“Stories of princesses, and a noble steed.”

He adjusted his glasses, cleared his throat,

Sharing a tale, of a sinking boat.


When the sun set, and stars did appear,

He closed his book, and whispered in my ear.

“Stories are magic, in every way,

Come back tomorrow, and we’ll read and play.”

9. The Sky’s Polka-Dot Pajamas

Ever gazed at the night sky and imagined it wearing pajamas? Let’s paint that picture!

The night sky wore pajamas, dotted and bright,

Glowing polka dots, oh, what a sight!

Stars twinkling, in patterns so neat,

Sky’s bedtime attire, looking elite.


Moon as the pocket, in this cosmic wear,

Shooting stars as buttons, lighting the air.

Comets and meteors, the fancy lace trim,

Galaxies swirling, on the pajama’s hem.


I lay on the grass, admiring the view,

The universe’s bedtime, was something new.

And as dawn broke, and night did flee,

The sky changed outfits, for the world to see.

10. The Jellybean Jump

A candy-filled adventure awaits! Imagine a world where jellybeans don’t just satisfy your taste buds, but also make you leap with joy!

In Candyland, there’s a magical bump,

Eat a jellybean, and you’ll do a high jump.

Colors aplenty, flavors galore,

Each jump higher, than the one before.


Red made me flip, blue made me soar,

Yellow had me bouncing, right off the floor.

Green and purple, sent me to the clouds,

This jellybean magic, drew quite the crowds.


I jumped and twirled, the whole day long,

With every leap, I sang a song.

So next time you see, a jellybean bunch,

Remember the magic, and take a munch.

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