10 Poems About Narcissistic Abuse

In a world where voices often go unheard, poetry shines a light on the darkest corners of human experiences. Dive into these ten poignant poems that unmask the insidious nature of narcissistic abuse, offering solace to survivors and deepening understanding for all readers.

Poems About Narcissistic Abuse

1. The Reflection I Couldn’t Be

This poem delves into the narcissist’s demand for a perfect reflection from their partner. It portrays the inner turmoil experienced when one realizes they can never meet such unrealistic expectations.

You sought a mirror, glossy and clear,

To show the world how grand you appear.

But I was glass, foggy and smeared,

Never the reflection that you revered.


You polished hard, but the smudge remained,

An imperfect image, forever stained.

I could not be the mirror you sought,

My cracks and flaws brought your plans to naught.


So you tossed me out like a broken frame,

Claiming I was the one who was to blame.

But a mirror reflects what’s truly there,

And your facade is more than I can bear.

2. Silent Words

This poem focuses on the tactic of “silent treatment” often employed by narcissists. It encapsulates the sense of isolation and helplessness felt when a person you care about refuses to communicate as a form of manipulation.

You shut me out, a door firmly closed,

Silent words louder than any prose.

A quiet room becomes my whole world,

As I ponder why your anger unfurled.


Ignoring me to assert your control,

A quiet violence that takes its toll.

Your silence speaks in its hollow sound,

A noiseless storm that rages all around.


Yet, silence taught me a lesson so true:

Your love was never something I could construe.

Though you stay quiet, my heart speaks clear,

I deserve more than your silence, my dear.

3. Chains of Admiration

The poem portrays the narcissist’s charm and allure, which is often a trap that pulls people in. It emphasizes the illusory nature of the narcissist’s affection, likening it to a chain that binds while appearing to be valuable.

You dazzle bright, a spectacle to see,

With golden words you bind yourself to me.

Like chains of gold, your compliments unfurl,

Around my mind, they twist, and twine, and curl.


This golden chain felt lighter than the air,

A priceless gift, it seemed you truly cared.

But gold grew heavy, turned to iron, then rust,

Your admiration was a binding trust.


Now chained, I see your glitter was but glass,

A faux allure that led me to this pass.

But chains can break, and so can hearts, you see,

In shattered links, I find my liberty.

4. Gaslight’s Glow

This poem discusses the disorienting nature of gaslighting, a manipulation technique often employed by narcissists. The poem describes the struggle to hold onto one’s own sense of reality amid distortions and fabrications.

The room was dark, but you said there was light,

Confused, I squinted, searching through the night.

You held a gaslight, claiming it was day,

My eyes grew blurry, doubting my own way.


“You’re seeing wrong,” you urged with a sly grin,

“The room is bright, it’s you who’s dim within.”

I doubted me, thought maybe you were right,

Could it be true? Is my darkness your light?


But then I found a matchstick all my own,

Struck it to life, and saw the truth well-known.

Your gaslight’s glow could never be my sun,

In my own light, my healing has begun.

5. Puppet Strings

This poem tackles the theme of control, often a critical aspect of narcissistic relationships. It likens the survivor to a puppet, controlled and manipulated, but highlights the moment of realization that can lead to breaking free.

With strings attached, you made me dance,

To your tune, in a hypnotic trance.

I leapt, I twirled, so unaware,

A puppet in your narcissistic lair.


Your hands held tight my every string,

Controlling my move, my everything.

In public eye, a perfect show,

But backstage, my tears freely flow.


No more a puppet on your stage,

I’ve cut the strings, released my cage.

I may stumble as I find my feet,

But unstrung freedom is oh so sweet.

Poems About Narcissistic Abuse

Poems About Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

1. Rising From The Ashes

This poem captures the essence of resilience and rebirth after experiencing narcissistic abuse. It illustrates the transformation from feeling burnt out to rising stronger, much like a phoenix.

I was a flame, you dimmed me down,

In ashes gray, I felt I’d drown.

But nature has a tale so old,

Of fiery birds, bold and gold.


From smoky remnants, I took flight,

A phoenix rising, burning bright.

Your cold winds could not quench my fire,

Above the pain, I soar higher.


I’ve learnt to glow, to blaze, to shine,

No longer yours, I am all mine.

From your shadows, I break free,

In my rebirth, I find me.

2. The Unbroken Mirror

This poem reflects the realization of one’s undistorted self-worth and value, despite the manipulations and deceptions of the narcissist.

You held a mirror, distorted my view,

Made me believe your lies were true.

But deep within, a voice did say,

That I’d find clarity come what may.


The glass you held, it was not mine,

In another, my true self did shine.

Clear and undistorted, bright and true,

That mirror reflected a strength anew.


No longer trapped in your funhouse maze,

I see myself in a truthful haze.

Though you tried to twist and turn,

My inner light continues to burn.

3. The Garden After The Storm

This poem delves into the concept of growth after trauma. It portrays a garden rejuvenating after a devastating storm, symbolizing hope and resilience.

Your stormy rage left my garden torn,

Petals scattered, roots upworn.

But after rain, the sun does gleam,

Nature’s way, a recurring theme.


From the ruins, green shoots rise,

Flowers bloom under clearer skies.

Your tempest taught me to endure,

In rain’s embrace, my roots grew sure.


I am the garden, resilient and true,

Your storms couldn’t drown my hue.

For every drop, every mournful song,

I grew back vibrant, lush, and strong.

4. Chains Transformed

This poem speaks of liberation and transformation. From the chains of narcissistic abuse emerges a realization of self-worth and the ability to turn those chains into wings.

You bound me in chains, heavy and cold,

Tales of my inadequacy, repeatedly told.

But metal can change, as can hearts,

With warmth and will, transformation starts.


Those chains that held, began to bend,

Taking the form of wings in the end.

The weight that once held me to the floor,

Now lifts me high, to explore and soar.


I’ve turned my bondage into my flight,

From darkness, I’ve found my light.

No longer chained, confined, or small,

With wings wide open, I embrace all.

5. My True North

The poem emphasizes the internal compass we all possess. Despite the disorienting effects of narcissistic abuse, survivors find their way back to their authentic selves.

You were the storm, that veered me off,

In a sea of doubt, with waves so rough.

But within me was a compass, steadfast,

Pointing to truths, contrasting your blast.


Through turbulent waters, it kept its course,

A silent guide, with unwavering force.

You tried to shift my magnetic north,

But inner truths always ventured forth.


I’ve found my way through the darkest night,

My compass leading to morning light.

In the aftermath of all your scorn,

I navigate by my true north, reborn.

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