10 Funny and Short Poems for 12 Year Olds

Unleash your inner child and dive into a world of whimsy and giggles! Here are 10 funny and short poems curated especially for 12-year-olds. From quirky antics to delightful dreams, these verses promise a chuckle and a light-hearted moment. Read on and let the laughter begin!

Funny and Short Poems for 12 Year Olds

1. The Alien’s Vacation

This poem paints the picture of an alien taking a vacation to Earth. The alien finds our habits odd, but in the end, he’s just here for some fun.

I met an alien yesterday,

On vacation from the Milky Way,

He wore shoes upon his ears,

And drank his soda with many cheers.


“Why do humans wear their ties?”

He asked with big, bewildered eyes.

“Why do they walk on just two feet,

And always crave something sweet?”


Before he left, he took a pic,

Of a chicken doing a backflip trick.

“Earth is fun,” he said with glee,

“But it’s a strange place to be!”

2. The Sock Monster’s Feast

Ever wondered where your missing socks go? This poem tells the tale of the sneaky Sock Monster and his mischievous meals.

In the darkness of the night,

The sock monster starts to bite,

Munching socks without a sound,

Making sure they’re never found.


He likes stripes, he loves the spots,

But holes in socks, he likes a lot!

With every sock he takes a nibble,

Leaving families in a pickle.


By morning, he’s had his fun,

Disappearing with the rising sun,

So next time a sock goes astray,

You know who took it away!

3. The Chocolate Moose

What happens when you mix up ‘mousse’ with ‘moose’? A delightful creature made entirely of chocolate, of course!

In a forest made of sweets,

Where candy birds send out tweets,

Lives a creature quite unique,

A chocolate moose, so antique.


He strolls around without a care,

With cocoa antlers in the air,

He swims in rivers made of fudge,

Never holding any grudge.


If you see this moose someday,

Approach him, but don’t dismay,

For he might just share a treat,

A chocolate hoof, oh so sweet!

4. Homework’s Secret Life

Have you ever thought about what homework does when you’re not looking? Let’s dive into the secret life of those pesky assignments.

When the lights go out at night,

Homework comes alive, taking flight,

They dance on desks, they sing a tune,

Bathing in the light of the moon.


Math problems race, essays chat,

Science projects wear a top hat,

History notes take a trip back,

While art drawings make no lack.


But as dawn begins to creep,

Back into bags, they silently leap,

Pretending they’ve been there all night,

Homework’s secret, out of sight!

5. The Sneezing Spaghetti

Food can be funny too! Here’s a tale of a plate of spaghetti that just couldn’t stop sneezing.

On my plate, the spaghetti lay,

But it sneezed every which way!

Noodles flew, sauce did splatter,

What on earth was the matter?


Each time pepper came near,

A sneeze rang out, loud and clear,

Twirling forks paused mid-air,

As meatballs bounced here and there.


So next time you dine with delight,

And your meal takes an unexpected flight,

Remember the tale, so zany and petty,

Of the time I met sneezing spaghetti!

6. The Pillow’s Night Out

Pillows are tired of just sleeping! In this poem, a pillow decides to have an adventurous night out.

My pillow, soft and plush and white,

Decided to go out one night,

It ventured to the city’s glow,

Where stars above put on a show.


It danced with scarves, floated with dreams,

Glided with clouds, downstream it seems,

Hugging teddy bears on the way,

Before the break of the new day.


As dawn approached, back to bed,

My pillow gently laid its head,

Dreaming of the fun it had found,

In its quiet, nighttime round.

7. The Frog’s Glasses

Imagine a frog needing glasses! This poem narrates the story of a frog who just wanted to see a tad clearer.

Fred the frog needed some specs,

To read texts and check his checks,

He hopped to the pond’s optician,

Hoping for clear, better vision.


With round glasses, green and neat,

He looked cool, oh so elite!

Dragonflies cheered, tadpoles clapped,

As into the water, he happily flapped.


Now, if by a pond you chance to pass,

Look for the frog with a touch of class,

With his glasses, he’s easy to spot,

The coolest frog the pond has got!

8. The Chatty Toothbrush

Everyday objects can have stories too. Here’s about a toothbrush that just couldn’t stop talking.

Tina the toothbrush was quite chatty,

Speaking more made her so happy,

Telling tales of toothpaste and gel,

To anyone who’d listen well.


“Once I met a minty paste,

Cool and fresh, oh what a taste!

Brushed with royalty, cleaned a crown,

Even went upside down!”


At the end of her long day’s spiel,

She’d rest by the dental floss reel,

Dreaming of the next day’s chatter,

In the world of dental matter!

9. The Dancing Pancake

A breakfast treat decides to show off its dance moves in this playful poem.

Peter the pancake, flat and round,

Started dancing, spinning around,

With syrup as his shiny coat,

He did the twist, he did float.


Maple leaves clapped, butter did slide,

As he moonwalked with pride,

Blueberries joined, and so did ham,

Creating a breakfast dance jam!


So, every morning, as you dine,

Know that breakfast can truly shine,

With moves so sweet, beats so wacky,

Join the groove, be pancake-happy!

10. The Moon’s Pajama Party

Even celestial bodies need some fun! The moon decides to throw a pajama party in this whimsical tale.

The moon one night felt quite spry,

Invited stars for a pajama party in the sky,

Galaxies twirled, comets did swoon,

Under the charm of the jolly moon.


Planets wore robes, stars had nightcaps,

Meteors brought music, causing toe-taps,

Jupiter joked, Venus sang lullabies,

As Northern Lights painted the skies.


As dawn approached, the party wound down,

Sleepy stars tucked in, wearing a crown,

Till the next party, they’d dream away,

Of the moon’s fun, star-studded soiree!

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