List of Suffixes A to Z with Definition Types and Examples

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List of Suffixes a to z!

What are Suffixes in Grammar?

A  suffix is a group of letters (sometimes just a single letter) added at the end of a word to change its meaning or to convert it into another form, i.e. suffer -> Suffering (Here ing is a suffix). On the other hand, we add a prefix at the start of a root word i.e. Subtitle (Here sub is a prefix). 

Note: Both Suffixes and Prefixes are known as Affixes.

List of Suffixes A to Z with Definition Types and Examples

We are going to discuss four types of suffixes:

  1. Suffixes that makes Adverb
  2. Suffixes that makes Noun
  3. Suffixes that makes Verb
  4. Suffixes that makes Adjective

1. Suffixes List (that makes Adverb)

Suffix Meaning Example
-ly in what manner something is being done holy, quickly, softly, defiantly, efficiently
-ward in a certain direction Afterward, outward, inward, forward
-ways Shows direction Always, outways, sideways,
-wise in relation to Otherwise, likewise, crabwise, anticlockwise

2. Suffixes List (that makes Adjective)

suffix meaning example
–able able to be capable, affordable, dissolvable, inflatable, flammable
-al pertaining to accidental, educational, regional, personal, social
-ant inclined to or tending to instant, important
-ary of or relating to stationary, necessary, beneficiary, summary
-en made of soften, straighten, sweeten, thicken
-ful full of fruitful, painful, cupful, helpful, hopeful
-ible capable of being, ability horrible, terrible, legible/illegible, flexible/inflexible
-ic relating to patriotic, parotic, athletic, historic, fantastic
-ical having the nature of historical, thermoelectrical
-ious, -ous having qualities of religious, conscious, ambitious, notorious, luxurious.
-ish origin, nature accomplish, relinquish, extinguish, amateurish, impoverish, cuttlefish
-ive quality or nature of cooperative, sensitive, supportive
-less without anything colorless, selfless, tubeless, useless, friendless
-like similar to, alike cloudlike, childlike, warlike, ladylike, boxlike
–ous full of advantageous, subconscious, preposterous, percutaneous


–some a tendency to handsome, fearsome, tiresome, awesome
-y made up of or characterized by angry, baggy, bally

3. List of Suffix (that makes Noun)

Suffix Meaning Example
-age action, a result, state, process Percentage, drainage marriage, shortage
-al Condition, quality Committal, approval, arrival
–ance An action or state Dance, romance, performance
-ance/-ence action, state, condition, or quality Performance, evidence, affluence, sentence, coincidence, sequence, existence, silence, experience
-ant A person Elephant, entrant, occupant
-ation/-tion the action or the resulting state Action, section, disqualification, characterization
–ee A person Guarantee, committee, appointee, warrantee
-eer engaged in something, associated with something Beer, deer, seer, veer, jeer, peer
-ence An action or state evidence, affluence, insistence, sentence, sequence, existence, silence, conference,
-er someone who performs an action Beer, deer, seer, bier
–or A person Sensor, distributor, accelerator, incinerator
-ery a business or trade, a type or place of work Misery, artery, watery, celery, cheery
–ess Makes a feminine form Caress, access, actress
-ful As much as will fill Mouthful, painful, cupful, helpful, boastful
-hoop family terms Whoop
-ing action, state, process Bing, ding, king, ping, ring
-ion A process, state or result Action, cation, anion, amnion
–ism A belief or condition Ageism, chrism, holism
-ist A person who practice Technologist, editorialist, psychiatrist
-ity the state or condition of Responsibility, territoriality, respectability, susceptibility
-ment the action or result of Disappointment, involvement, discouragement
-ness a state or quality Benevolentness, fraudulentness, felicitousness.
-or a person who is something Dictator, distributor, accelerator
-ship position held Internship, partnership, hardship
-sion state or being Compression, progression, suppression, subdivision.
-th state or quality Altazimuth, Blacksmith, Childbirth, Coelacanth.


-ty condition Ability, amnesty, acidity, anxiety
-ure action or the resulting state Commissure, Commixture, Conjecture.

4. List of Suffixes (A to Z) that makes Verb

Suffix Meaning Example
-ate To make Abate, blate, crate, fixate
-ed past-tense version of a verb Waited, wanted, needed, decided
-en become Brighten, darken, harden
-er action or process, making an adjective comparative Alter, anger, caper
-ify, -fy To make or produce Diversify, intensify, electrify
-ing verb form/present participle of an action Eating, cooking, starting
-ize, -ise to cause or to become Aerosolize, alkalinize, automatize


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