Prefixes List in English Grammar (Download Pdf)

Prefixes are a group of some letters that are placed before the root of a word, for example, the word subeditor consists of the prefix sub-, combined with the root or stem word editor. Below is the list of the most common prefix words.

  • uni –
  • under –
  • un –
  • tri –
  • trans –
  • therm –
  • super –
  • sub –
  • semi –

Prefixes List

  • uni –

Means: one

Examples: unicycle, universal, unilateral, unanimous

  • under –

Means: under

Examples: understand, undersea

  • un –

Means: not

Examples: unfriendly, unsatisfied

  • tri –

Means: three

Examples: triangle, tripod, tricycle

  • trans –

Means: across

Examples: transatlantic, transport

  • therm –

Means: heat

Examples: thermometer, thermodynamic

  • super –

Means: above

Examples: superman, superstar, supernatural

  • sub –

Means: under

Examples: subeditor,

  • semi –

Means: half

Examples: semicircle, semifinal

  • re –

Means: again

Examples: rewrite, reread, return, review

  • pro –

Means: forward

Examples: proceed, promote, propose, progress

  • pre –

Means: before

Examples: prefix, pre-intermediate, preschool

  • post –

Means: after

Examples: postmortem, postpone

  • para –

Means: beside

Examples: parachute, paradox

  • over –

Means: too much

Examples: overload, overdo, overact, overboard, overdose, overweight

  • over –

Means: over

Examples: overlook, overdue

  • omni –

Means: all, every

Examples: omnibus, omnivore, omnipotent

  • non –

Means: not, without

Examples: nonsense, nonverbal, nonstick, nonspecific

  • mono –

Means: one, singular

Examples: monotone, monolithic

  • mis –

Means: wrongly

Examples: misinterpret, misfire, misunderstand

  • mis –

Means: wrong, wrongly

Examples: misjudge, misinterpret, mismatch, misplace

  • mid –

Means: middle

Examples: midterm, midwest, midstream, midway, midnight

  • micro –

Means: small

Examples: microscope, microbiology, microfilm, microwave

  • macro –

Means: large

Examples: macroeconomics, macromolecule, macromolecular

  • ir –

Means: not

Examples: injustice, impossible, irregular

  • intra –

Means: between

Examples: intranet, intrapersonal, intransitive

  • inter –

Means: between

Examples: international, interact

  • infra –

Means: beneath, below

Examples: infrastructure, infrared, infrasonic

  • in –

Means: in

Examples: infield,

  • im –

Means: not

Examples: imbalance

  • il –

Means: not

Examples: illegal

  • hyper –

Means: over, above

Examples: hyperactive, hyperbole, hyperventilate

  • homo –

Means: same

Examples: homosexual, homonuclear, homocentric, homoplastic

  • fore –

Means: before

Examples: forecast, forehead, foresee, foremost

  • extra –

Means: beyond, more than

Examples: extracurricular, extra-economic, extraordinary,

  • ex –

Means: former, out of

Examples: ex-president, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend

  • epi –

Means: upon, close to, after

Examples: epi-centre, episcope

  • en –

Means: cause to

Examples: encode, encounter, engulf

  • em –

Means: cause to, put into

Examples: embrace, emphasize, embed

  • dis –

Means: not, opposite of

Examples: disconnect, disembark, disagree, disappear, disintegrate, disjoint, disapprove

  • de –

Means: opposite, down, away from

Examples: decode, decompose, default demotivate

  • co –

Means: with

Examples: co-worker, co-pilot, cooperative

  • circum –

Means: around

Examples: circumstance, circumvent, circumference, circumnavigate

  • auto –

Means: self

Examples: automobile, autobus, automatic

  • anti –

Means: against

Examples: antifreeze, antithesis, antidepressant, antidote, antisocial

  • ante –

Means: before

Examples: antenatal, anteroom, antedate, antecedent



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