Prefix and Suffix Words and Examples

Prefix and Suffix Words and Examples

prefixand suffix words

Have you ever noticed how many English words are made up of parts? For example, the word prefixes themselves have a prefix (pre-) and a suffix (-fix).

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at some common prefixes and suffixes and giving examples of words that contain them. By understanding these common parts of English words, you can better understand new vocabulary when you encounter it. So let’s get started!

Prefix Words and Examples

auto-  automatic, autonomous
bi-  bimonthly, bipartisan
de-  deactivate, declassify
dis-  disconnect, dislike
en-  encode, enlarge
ex-  ex-boyfriend, ex-president
extra-  extraterrestrial, extradimensional
fore-  forecasting, forensics
infra-  infrastructure, infrared
inter-  international, intersection
intra-  intravenous, intranet
macro-  macromolecule, macrosomia
mega-  megawatt, megalopolis
mid-  midterm, midpoint
mini-  minicab, miniskirt
mono-  monochrome, monologue
multi-  multinational, multimedia
neo-  neologism, neonatal
non-  nonsense, nonprofit
post-  postwar, postmortem

Suffixes Words and Examples

-ing  playing, crying
-able  readable, breakable
-ful  helpful, joyful
-less  wireless, breathless
-ity  similarity, reality
-ment  government, movement
-ness  kindness, tiredness
-tion  education, communication
-ive  active, creative
-ary  documentary, filamentary
-ory  laboratory, accessory
-esque  picturesque, grotesque
-ward  onward, inward
-wise  sidewise, lengthwise