100 Suffix Words (Meanings & Examples)

100 Suffix Words (Meanings & Examples)

suffix words

One of the best ways to improve your English skills is to learn common suffixes and how to use them. A suffix is a letter or group of letters added to the end of a word to change its meaning.

For example, adding -er to the word “walk” changes it to “walker,” which refers to someone who walks for a living.

In this blog post, we’ll look at 100 different suffixes and their meaning. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how English words are formed and be able to use suffixes correctly in your own writing. Let’s get started!

Suffix Words and Meaning

  • -able: capable of, able to
  • -al: relating to
  • -ance/ence: the act of, state of
  • -ant: one who does something
  • -ar: pertaining to
  • -ary: place where something happens or is done
  • -ate: to make something do something
  • -ation: the result of doing something
  • -er: someone or something that does something
  • -est: most
  • -ful: full of, having a lot of
  • -ible/able: capable of being
  • -ic: like, pertaining to
  • -ical: actual, real
  • -ine: a kind of
  • -ion: the act of, result of
  • -ity: state or quality of
  • -ive: having the ability to
  • -less: without
  • -ly: in a certain way
  • -ness: state or quality of
  • -or: someone who does something
  • -ous: full of, characterized by
  • -ship: the state or condition of being
  • -ward(s): toward(s), moving in a certain direction
  • -al: a kind of
  • -ar: a kind of
  • -cy: state or quality of
  • -ian: relating to
  • -ity: state or quality of
  • -like: resembling
  • -ly: in a certain way
  • -ness: state or quality of
  • -ose: full of, characterized by
  • -ous: full of, characterized by
  • -tain: to have or hold
  • -tion: the act of having or holding something

Suffixes Words and Examples

  • -able: capable, reusable
  • -al: financial, elemental
  • -ance: endurance, performance
  • -ant: assistant, dependant
  • -ar: stellar, occurs every year
  • -ary: school, factory
  • -ate: activate, incubate
  • -ation: activation, incubation
  • -er: worker, referrer
  • -est: largest, best
  • -ful: helpful, harmful
  • -ible: convertible, reversible
  • -ic: organic, basic
  • ical: Historical, actual
  • -ine: Marine, heroine
  • ion: Nation, solution
  • -ive: active, passive
  • -less: careless, hopeless
  • -ly: friendly, manly
  • -ness: kindness, darkness
  • -or: instructor, performer
  • -ous: curious, dangerous
  • ship: friendship, leadership
  • -ward(s): forward, northward
  • -al: national, retail
  • -ar: junior, senior
  • -cy: secrecy, fluency