Grammar Rules for English Related Verb

Grammar rules for English related to Verb are explained in this Article. After this article of the  Grammar rules for English, you will be left with no confusion related to the verb.

This Post is Divided into three Parts.

  1. Rules Related Verb.
  2. Practice Example Corrections.
  3. A simple Quiz to test your Credibility.

What is a Verb?

Simply a word that shows an Action i.e. Make, Write, etc


  • I made tea with a little milk in the jug.
  • Made is a verb in this sentence.

Table of Contents

Grammar Rules Related Verb

Rule no 1:

We do not use a preposition with some verbs.

(Love, hate, marry, reach, resemble, affect, control, no use, ask, request, tell, order, resign, sign, attack, inform, discuss)


She resembles to her mother. (Incorrect)

She resembles her mother. (Correct)

Rule No 2:

Use Reflexive Pronoun After these verbs.

(Avail oneself of. Absent oneself from, acquire oneself from, resign oneself to, avenge oneself on somebody, enjoy oneself, Apply oneself to somebody.)


I resigned to the idea. (Incorrect)

I resigned myself to the idea. (Correct)

Rule no 3:

Don’t use Reflexive Pronoun with these verbs.

(Keep break bathe open spread turn draw rest enlist gather hide feed qualify steal make stop lengthen.)


Michal keeps himself away from bad boys. (Incorrect)

Michal Keeps away from bad boys. (Correct)

Rule No 4:

Use bare infinitive with these words.

Infinitive (First Form of Verb+ ‘To’)

Bare Infinitive (First form of the verb)


I made her to stand (Incorrect)

I made her stand. (Correct)

Rule no 5:

Use ‘as’ with these verbs.

Regard, Represent, Portray, Depict, Define, Mention, Describe, Treat.


I regard Ali my brother. (Incorrect)

I regard Ali as my brother. (Correct)

Rule No 6:

Do not use ‘as’ with these words.

Name, call, Term, Think.


He called Gilbert as Fool. (Incorrect)

He called Gilbert Fool. (Correct)

Rule No 7:

Use Present Participle Form (Ing-Form) After these:

Succeed (in), Prevent (From), Prohibit (From), With a view to, Look Forward to, insist (on), Addicted to, persist (in), Fond (of), Cannot help, etc.


He succeeded to pass the Examination. (Incorrect)

He succeeded in passing the examination. (Correct)

Rule No 8:

Always Use (How to + First form of Verb after) After ‘Know’.


He knows to read a book. (Incorrect)

He knows how to read a book. (Correct)

Rule No 9:

Refuse vs Deny.

To ‘refuse’ is the opposite of ‘accept’ – if you refuse to do something you choose not to do it or say firmly that you will not do it. To deny means to answer in the negative or to say that a statement is not true.


He denied to help me. (Incorrect)

He refused to help me. (correct)

He refused that he had broken the chair. (Incorrect)

He denied that he had broken the chair. (Correct)

Rule No 10:

Word ‘Consist’ Is always used in Active Form.


Freedom Consists of will power. (Correct)

The beauty of air Travel is consisting of its speed and ease. (Incorrect)

The beauty of air Travel consists of its speed and ease. (Correct)

Rule No 11:

Hanged⇒ Used in human term ( to kill someone by tying a rope attached from above and removing the support from beneath)

Hung ⇒ suspends or be suspended from above with the lower part dangling free.


The Picture was Hung. (Correct)

He would be hanged. (Correct)

Rule No 12:

Swim vs Float

Swim ⇒ swim with Effort. i.e. human swimming.

Float ⇒Things that can float without effort like a piece of wood.

Sink Vs Drown

Sink ⇒ when something goes underwater.

Drown ⇒ when something goes underwater and dies.


The duck is floating. (Correct)

As the ship has sunk (Correct)

A man was Drowned in a Boating Accident. (Correct)

Ali Knows how to Swim. (Correct)

Rule No 13:

After ‘Want’ Always use Infinitive (V1 + To), and avoid using That- Clause.


She wants that I should teach her English. (Incorrect)

That I should ⇒that clause

She wants me to teach her English. (Correct)

To teach ⇒ Infinitive



Grammar Mistakes Examples

She wants that I should help her. She wants me to help her.
Success is consisted in hard work. Success consists of hard work.
He is feeling hunger He is feeling hungry.
Ali looks happily. Ali looks happy.
He knows to swim He knows how to swim.
Reema prevented me to go there. Reema prevents me from getting there.
She is one of those who is liked by me. She is one of those who are like me.
He had not met me two days ago. He did not meet me two days ago.
Opening the book, the lesson was learnt. Opening the book she learned the lesson.
Every one of them are lazy. Every one of them is lazy.
Cutting the grass a snake bit him. Cutting the grass, he was bitten by a snake.
A black and white TV are cheap. A black and white TV is cheap.
Opening the door, a handle was broken. Opening the door, he broke the handle.
Each student have done his work. Each student has done his work.
She never speakes a lie She will never tell a lie
Lizza opened the knot. Lizza untied the knot.
She has written a letter last night. She wrote a letter last night.
The boat drowned beneath the waves. The boat sank beneath the waves.
Two man sank in the sea. Two men were drowned in the sea.
A duck was swimming in the pool. A duck was floating in the pool
A boy was floating in the canal.. A boy was swimming in the canal
A picture was hanged on the wall. A picture was hung on the wall.
The murderer was hung yesterday. The murderer was hanged yesterday.
The hen has lain an egg The hen has laid an egg.
She was laying in the bed. She was lying in bed.
You will pass if you will work hard. You will pass if you worked hard.
If he work hard he will pass. If he worked hard he will pass.
She said that she is ill. She Said that she was ill.
If he work hard he will have passed. If he worked hard, he would have passed.
He fear to pass the exam. He hopes to pass the exam.
I hope to lose the game. I fear to lose the game.
He told that he was ill He said that he was ill.
Every Muslim should wear a beard. Every Muslim should have a beard.
The boy has given the examination. The boy has taken the examination.
The lion invaded the hunter The lion attacked the hunter.
She has taken admission to the college. She has got admission to the college.
Usman refused that he had told a lie. Usman denied that he had told a lie.
He denied to help me. He refused to help me.
John refuses the existence of god. John denies the existence of God.
She with her daughters are taking tea. He refused to help me.


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