30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Having A Bad Day

Funny Ways to Say You’re Having A Bad Day

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Having A Bad Day:

  1. I feel like I’m in a sequel to Monday: The Movie.
  2. If my day were a sandwich, it’d be a knuckle sandwich.
  3. Today’s forecast? 100% chance of ugh.
  4. My day’s been like a sock without its mate.
  5. I’m riding the struggle bus, and it’s a double-decker.
  6. Today, I played hide and seek with my luck. Still seeking.
  7. I’m pretty sure my guardian angel needs a vacation after today.
  8. Today feels like the universe played a prank on me.
  9. Today’s been like trying to fold a fitted sheet.
  10. If my day had a mascot, it’d be a cat knocking over a vase.
  11. My day felt like a Wi-Fi signal in the woods – just not connecting.
  12. If my day was a movie, it’d go straight to DVD.
  13. If today were a flavor, it’d be toothpaste and orange juice.
  14. My day’s been a series of trying to put a USB in the wrong way.
  15. Today feels like I poured my cereal and then found out there’s no milk.
  16. Today, I was the king of the oops kingdom.
  17. My day’s like a GPS that keeps saying, Rerouting…
  18. My day’s going as well as a pineapple on a pizza. (Subject to debate!)
  19. I tried to carpe diem, but diem wasn’t having it.
  20. Today’s a dropped my ice cream cone level of bad.
  21. It’s been a Why is my life an infomercial of what not to do? kind of day.
  22. If today was a song, it’d be off-key.
  23. I tried to adult today, but I think I did it wrong.
  24. I’d trade today for a handful of magic beans.
  25. Imagine juggling eggs while riding a unicycle… that’s been my day.
  26. My day’s been slipperier than a banana peel convention.
  27. If days had Yelp reviews, today would get one star.
  28. I think I accidentally set my day to hard mode.
  29. I’m having a unicorn kind of day. Except, instead of magical, it’s missing in action.
  30. I’m not saying it’s been a bad day, but I did just try to start my car with a banana.


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