30 Funny Ways to Say You are High

Funny Ways to Say You Are High

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You are High:

  1. I’m on cloud nine.
  2. I’ve launched the brain shuttle.
  3. My head’s in the stratosphere.
  4. I’m riding the cosmic wave.
  5. Walking on the moon over here!
  6. I’ve got my head in the clouds.
  7. I’m kite-flying in a thunderstorm.
  8. Just had a chat with my cereal. It’s a good day.
  9. I’m feeling a bit ‘baked’… like a fresh cookie.
  10. Floating in the fish tank.
  11. I’ve joined the space cadets.
  12. Currently auditioning for ‘Planet Munchies.’
  13. Just took a trip without leaving the room.
  14. I’m on a mental vacation.
  15. Feeling like a balloon in a windstorm.
  16. I’m in a different zip code right now.
  17. I’m dialed into the universe’s frequency.
  18. I’ve checked into the Cerebral Hotel.
  19. I’m cruising on the highway of imagination.
  20. Got a first-class ticket on the dream train.
  21. I feel like I’m wrapped in a duvet of happiness.
  22. Having a 5-star stay in La-La Land.
  23. Sailing the seas of serenity.
  24. Riding the rollercoaster in my mind.
  25. I’ve turned on the mental lava lamp.
  26. Taking a stroll in Wonderland.
  27. I’m on a one-way flight to Giggle-town.
  28. My brain’s having a dance party, and everyone’s invited.
  29. I’ve pitched my tent in Imaginationland.
  30. Floating like a donut in a cup of coffee.


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Funny Ways to Say You are High