100+ Other Ways to Say You Are Pregnant

Telling family and friends that you’re pregnant can be incredibly exciting, but it can also leave you feeling uncertain about how to break the news. From breaking the news in person to doing a creative pregnancy announcement, there are countless ways to share your pregnancy news with loved ones.

No matter how you go about doing it, keep in mind: You want your friends and family members to celebrate with joy as you start this new chapter of your life. In this blog post, we will cover all the creative, cute, romantic unique, and fun ways to announce your pregnancy.

100 Ways to Say You Are Pregnant

Here are Cute and Creative other different ways to say You are Pregnant;

1- Expecting

2- Mommy-to-be

3- Having a bun in the oven

4- Knocked up

5- Bundled of Joy on the way

6- Daddy’s little one in progress

7- Eating for two

8- Growing a life inside

9- Having a baby on board

10- Prego

11- Fertile ground

12- A stork is coming

13- Mummy in the making

14- Baby incubating

15- Mommy-to-be on the move

16- Belly full of love

17- Little baby bump coming soon

18- Bundles of joy in progress

19- That special something I’m cooking up!

20- A precious miracle

21- We are having a blessing

22- I’m with child

23- Mommyhood on the horizon

24- Adding to the family

25- Pea in a pod

26- Carrying a tiny human

27- Belly is growing by leaps and bounds

28- Gestation period

29- Entering the parenting zone

30- Mommy-to-be in action

31- Baby on board

32- Baby belly blossoming

33- It’s a baby parade!

34- Tiny toes coming soon

35- A mommy adventure awaits

36- Little one in the making

37- Growing a blessing

38- Nurturing a soul

39- Nesting phase complete

40- Mommy-hood ready to begin

41- My body is creating life!

42- Baby factory mode activated

43- Precious bundle of joy on its way

44- I’m with baby!

45- Time to get the nursery ready.

46- Miracle in progress

47- Tummy is full of love

48- New life on its way

49- Get ready to meet your new best friend

50- Belly button peeking out

51- Precious life on the way

52- A tiny human is coming soon!

53- A baby is blooming

54- Little one ready to make an entrance

55- Growing a little miracle

56- Bump has arrived

57- Expectant motherhood

58- Baby sparkles in my tummy

59- Mommy and me time

60- Tummy is full of love

61- Baby steps on the way

62- I’m eating for two now!

63- Bumps and jumps ahead

64- Sweet baby bliss coming soon

65- Mommy mission underway

66- Baby love in the air

67- My body is home to a tiny human

68- Tiny blessing on the way

69- Precious life inside me growing

70- Taking one for the team

71- A little person is coming my way!

72- I’m expecting a little blessing

73- It’s a bumpy ride ahead

74- Ready to welcome the newcomer

75- A special delivery is coming soon

76- Baby moon before life changes forever

77- Precious cargo on board

78- Bun in the oven

79- Nurturing a soul inside me

80- Baby love growing inside

81- Pregnancy glow activated

82- Radiant mommy-to-be in the making

83- A special someone is baking in my oven

84- Bump has begun to show

85- Ready to be a mother of two (or more!)

86- Looks like I’m having a party of two!

87- Baby belly is growing

88- Ready for a tiny bundle of joy

89- My family’s about to get bigger

90- Precious little feet on the way

91- I’m having a bun in the oven!

92- Our family is expanding

93- Time for the maternity wardrobe

94- Baby factory in production

95- I’m baking a baby

96- Baby bump ready to bloom

97- Mommy badge of honor earned

98- Little one on the way!

99- Something special is brewing!

Other Ways to Say You Are Pregnant 1 Other Ways to Say You Are Pregnant 2 Other Ways to Say You Are Pregnant 3

How to say I am pregnant to my boss

1- I’m with child

2- I’m entering the parenting zone

3- I’m expecting a bundle of joy

4- I have exciting news to share, I’m pregnant!

5- I’ve got a baby on board

6- My family is expanding and so is my maternity leave!

7- I’m having a baby!

8- Time for maternity leave, I’m pregnant

9- In a few months, I’ll have an extra member of the family!

10- My maternity leave will be starting soon!

11- Get ready to meet my new little bundle of joy!

12- An exciting journey awaits, I’m pregnant!

13- I’m having a baby and need some time off work

14- A tiny human is growing inside me – I’m pregnant!

15- Ready to embark on my mommyhood journey, I’m expecting!

16- We’re adding another family member – I’m pregnant!

17- I’m having a baby, time to start the maternity leave countdown!

18- It’s time for maternity leave – I’m expecting a baby soon!

19- A miracle is on the way – I’m pregnant

20- Ready to welcome my little bundle of joy – I’m pregnant!

21- Time for some mommy and me time, I’m having a baby!

22- Cherishing this special moment – I’m expecting a baby!

23- My body is growing life inside me – I’m pregnant!

24- I’m having a baby and need your support

25- Get ready to meet my new little miracle – I’m pregnant!

26- A beautiful journey is beginning, I’m expecting a baby!

27- My family is growing by one more – I’m pregnant!

28- Time for a maternity leave adventure – I’m pregnant!

29- Get ready to meet the newest member of our family – I’m expecting!

30- A new life is on its way – I’m having a baby!

How to say I am pregnant to my boss

How to say I am pregnant to friends

1. Guess what? I’m pregnant!

2. We’re expecting a baby!

3. I’m having a baby!

4. The stork is bringing us a bundle of joy!

5. We’ve got exciting news – we’re going to have a baby!

6. There’s something growing in my belly!

7. I’m with child!

8. We’ve created a little miracle!

9. Get ready to be an aunt/uncle – I’m pregnant!

10. We’ve got a bun in the oven!

11. Surprise – we’re having a baby soon!

12. Don’t be shocked, but I’m pregnant!

13. We have an extra special announcement – we’re pregnant!

14. It looks like our family is growing by one more!

15. We’ve got an addition to the family on the way!

16. I’m having a baby in nine months!

17. It’s official – I’m expecting!

18. We are having a baby and we couldn’t be more excited!

19. Ready or not, here comes baby!

20. We’re going to be parents in just a few months!

21. I’m eating for two now!

22. We’re having a little one soon!

23. I’m knocked up!

24. Baby-to-be, here we come!

25. Time to buy some onesies – I’m pregnant!

26. I’ve got the best news – the baby is on the way!

27. We’re having a baby and we can’t wait!

28. I’m expecting a little one soon!

29. My belly is growing so it must mean I’m pregnant!

30. The family is expanding – I’m pregnant!

How to say I am pregnant to friends

Secret way to say I am pregnant

1- I have a bun in the oven.

2- We are adding to our family.

3- I have a little one on the way.

4- A bundle of joy is on its way

5- There’s a new addition coming soon.

6- We’re in the family way.

7- We are expecting a miracle.

8- I am eating for two now.

9- There’s a tiny peanut growing inside me.

10- I have a passenger on board!

11- Our family is growing by one.

12- The stork is visiting us soon.

13- We have a sweet surprise coming.

14- I’m in the family way!

15- I have an eggo in the oven! (play on words – Eggo waffles)

16- It looks like I’m nesting.

17- We’re expecting a new little one.

18- A miracle is cooking in my kitchen!

19- The pitter-patter of tiny feet will be here soon.

20- There’s a new arrival coming this year.

21- I am going to be a mama/papa soon!

22- I have an extra special delivery coming.

23- We’re growing by two feet!

24- We are having a blessed event.

25- I’m having a little bundle of joy!

26- We’re expanding our family tree.

27- I’m having a baby!

28- Our nest will soon be full of love.

29- There’s a plus one coming to our family.

30- We are making room for another angel in our home.

Secret way to say I am pregnant

Synonyms of Pregnant

1- Expectant

2- Gravid

3- Enceinte

4- In a family way

5- Heavy with child

6- Parturient

7- Preggers

8- Bearing

9- Breeding

10- With young

11- In the family way

12- Prego

13- Far along

14- Expecting

15- Expecting a baby

16- Great with child

17- Big with child

18- Well advanced in pregnancy

19- Delivering soon

20- In the club

Synonyms of Pregnant

Beautiful words to describe pregnancy

1- Miraculous

2- Precious

3- Marvelous

4- Joyful

5- Wondrous

6- A Blessing

7- Glorious

8- Divine

9- Sacred

10- Serene

11- Magical

12- Splendid

13- Divinely ordained

14- Heavenly gift

15- A joyous occasion

16- Miraculous transformation

17- The miracle of life

18- Splendiferous

19- Heavenly blessing

20- The most extraordinary experience of all

Beautiful words to describe pregnancy

other ways to say you are pregnant