30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Going To Beat Someone Up

Funny Ways to Say You’re Going To Beat Someone Up

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Going To Beat Someone Up:

  1. I’m about to rearrange your sock drawer!
  2. Get ready for a pillow fight!
  3. You’re about to feel the wrath of my tickle monster!
  4. Time for a noogie onslaught!
  5. Prepare for a thumb war of epic proportions!
  6. Brace yourself for a wet noodle slapdown!
  7. Ever been ambushed by flying cotton balls?
  8. Time to face the bubbles of doom!
  9. You’re about to get a glitter bomb blitz!
  10. Hope you’ve trained for the giggle wrestle!
  11. I’m gonna sprinkle you with glitter!
  12. Get set for a super soaker soak!
  13. Prepare for the silly string showdown!
  14. You’re moments away from a plushie pummeling!
  15. Ever been ninja slapped with a pancake?
  16. I challenge you to a whipped cream duel!
  17. I’ll unleash the power of my tickle toes!
  18. Ready yourself for the teddy bear takedown!
  19. Hope you’ve prepared for the jellybean jump!
  20. Face the might of my feather duster!
  21. Incoming spaghetti noodle smack!
  22. Hope you’re ready for a marshmallow mauling!
  23. Get ready to be popped with popcorn!
  24. You’re in for a mega swirlie session!
  25. Prepare to be rubber ducked!
  26. Face my mighty bubble wrap bombardment!
  27. Prepare to be gummed by the gummy bear gang!
  28. You’re gonna get a five-fingered handshake!
  29. Face the fluffy bunny barrage!
  30. I’m about to unleash my confetti cannon on you!


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