30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Broke

Funny Ways to Say You’re Broke

Below are Funny Ways to Say You’re Broke:

  1. I’m on a financial diet.
  2. My wallet is on a hunger strike.
  3. My dollars are playing hide and seek.
  4. My piggy bank just filed for bankruptcy.
  5. I’ve got too many months at the end of my money.
  6. I’m richer in personality than in pennies.
  7. Rolling in debts, not in the dough.
  8. My bank account’s screaming for CPR.
  9. I’ve got more lint than coins in my pocket.
  10. I’m practicing involuntary minimalism.
  11. My money is practicing social distancing from me.
  12. If being broke was a sport, I’d have a gold medal.
  13. Funds are like unicorns for me – mythical.
  14. Cents-less and senseless.
  15. My bank account’s idea of a workout is running out of money.
  16. My budget is like a magic trick – now you see it, now you don’t.
  17. I’m balling… on a budget.
  18. My cash flow’s more like a cash no-go.
  19. My pockets are in a drought.
  20. My piggy bank on life support.
  21. I’m so broke, even my jokes bounce.
  22. Living the not-so-luxe life.
  23. My wallet’s been on a diet; it’s super thin now.
  24. Moths fly out when I open my wallet.
  25. Counting pennies, but not getting past ten.
  26. If my funds were a movie, they’d be Gone in 60 Seconds.
  27. I’m on a ramen noodle budget.
  28. In the currency of love, because my wallet’s empty.
  29. I’m so broke, even my wallet is starving.
  30. I’m financially challenged at the moment.


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