30 Funny Ways to Say None Of My Business (Not my Problem)

Funny Ways to Say None Of My Business

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say None Of My Business:

  1. My curiosity ship just sailed past that island.
  2. That’s outside the fence of my interest farm.
  3. My antenna doesn’t pick up that channel.
  4. That’s a cookie I haven’t crumbled.
  5. Must’ve missed the memo from the universe on that one!
  6. My squirrel’s not chasing that nut.
  7. That’s a song not playing on my radio.
  8. I’m flipping to the next chapter of Not My Concern.
  9. That’s one noodle my fork missed.
  10. Sounds like a mystery, but Sherlock’s day off here.
  11. Not my flavor of bubble tea.
  12. Looks like that’s outside my sandbox.
  13. My curiosity cat’s on vacation.
  14. That’s a star not in my constellation.
  15. Not my flavor of mystery pie.
  16. If life’s a game, that’s not my move.
  17. That puzzle piece doesn’t fit in my jigsaw.
  18. Not the kind of spice in my life’s soup.
  19. My curiosity rover didn’t land there.
  20. That’s one tune not in my mental jukebox.
  21. If that’s a movie, I missed the trailer.
  22. Not the kind of tea I’m sipping today.
  23. My detective lens doesn’t zoom that far.
  24. Not the paint on my canvas of intrigue.
  25. I think my adventure compass missed that trail.
  26. If it’s a show, I didn’t buy tickets.
  27. My curiosity kite’s not flying that high.
  28. That’s a channel I haven’t tuned into.
  29. If it’s a game, I’m a benchwarmer.
  30. I left my intrigue umbrella at home for that rain.


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