30 Funny Ways to Say Depressed

Funny Ways to Say Depressed

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Depressed:

  1. Feeling like a deflated balloon.
  2. I’ve got a case of the blues.
  3. Got a raincloud over my head today.
  4. In a bit of a funk.
  5. Feeling like a melting ice cream cone.
  6. My sparkle’s running a little low.
  7. Just a tad under the weather, emotionally.
  8. Riding the emotional roller coaster…mostly the drops.
  9. My inner unicorn isn’t so sparkly today.
  10. Got my socks wet in the puddle of life.
  11. Feeling like I dropped my ice cream scoop on the ground.
  12. My pep’s gone AWOL.
  13. Just hanging out in the doldrums.
  14. Got a glitch in my giggle.
  15. A bit more ‘meh’ than ‘yay’ today.
  16. In a pickle, but not the tasty kind.
  17. Cruising on low vibes.
  18. It’s a flat tire kind of day.
  19. Dragging my emotional feet.
  20. Got a case of the emotional sniffles.
  21. I’ve lost my bounce.
  22. Feeling like a cookie with missing chocolate chips.
  23. My cheer battery’s in the red.
  24. My spirit animal is a sloth today.
  25. Running low on happy juice.
  26. My pep rally got rained out.
  27. A smidge off my rock ‘n roll.
  28. My happy meter’s on the fritz.
  29. Channeling my inner Eeyore.
  30. My sunshine’s behind a cloud.


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Funny Ways to Say Depressed