30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Beautiful

30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Beautiful

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Beautiful:

  1. If beauty were a crime, you’d be serving a life sentence.
  2. Are you a beaver? ‘Cause daaam!
  3. If beauty were time, you’d be an eternity.
  4. Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’ve been searching for.
  5. You’re so beautiful, you make roses look like dandelions.
  6. You’re so beautiful, I can’t believe you weren’t in my dreams last night.
  7. Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te.
  8. You’re so stunning, the sun is jealous of your shine.
  9. If beauty were a flavor, you’d be triple chocolate deluxe.
  10. You’re like a fine wine; you get better every time I see you.
  11. Your beauty has left me spellbound and out of cheesy pick-up lines.
  12. If being beautiful was a sport, you’d have an Olympic gold medal.
  13. Are you a campfire? ‘Cause you’re hot and I want s’more.
  14. Is your dad a boxer? Because you’re a knockout!
  15. Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  16. Forget the butterflies, I feel the whole zoo when I’m with you.
  17. If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.
  18. If looks could kill, you’d be a weapon of mass destruction.
  19. If you were a cat, you’d purr-fect!
  20. If I were a cat, I’d purr every time I saw you.
  21. If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine apple.
  22. Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?
  23. Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?
  24. Are you a Wi-Fi signal? Because I’m feeling a connection.
  25. If you were a triangle, you’d be an acute one.
  26. Is your beauty from outer space? Because it’s out of this world.
  27. Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got ‘FINE’ written all over you.
  28. Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears.
  29. Your beauty is so distracting, I forgot my pick-up line.
  30. I’m not a photographer, but I sure can picture us together.


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