30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Bisexual

30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Bisexual

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Bisexual:

  1. Why choose a side when you can play the whole field?
  2. I’ve got the best of both worlds – Hannah Montana style.
  3. I like my men like I like my women… I just like people.
  4. I play for both teams. MVP in both leagues!
  5. Straight? Gay? Sorry, I speak both languages fluently.
  6. I’m as straight as a roundabout.
  7. Why limit yourself to one flavor when you can have the whole sundae?
  8. In the game of love, I’m console AND PC.
  9. I can’t decide between a burger or a taco, so I’ll take both!
  10. When it comes to attraction, I’m ambidextrous.
  11. I’m about as straight as a curly fry.
  12. Love is like a playlist, and I’ve got it on shuffle.
  13. Some folks have tunnel vision, but I’ve got panoramic love views.
  14. I’ve got a dual-core heart.
  15. I shop in both aisles of the Love supermarket.
  16. The battery operated and runs on both currents.
  17. In the rollercoaster of love, I ride all the tracks!
  18. Two-sided coin, and I’m spending on everyone!
  19. Love’s stereo, and I’m tuned into both channels.
  20. I’ve got double vision when it comes to love.
  21. Life’s a buffet, and I’m trying everything.
  22. Why choose between cats and dogs when you can love both?
  23. Bees like flowers. I like flowers AND bees.
  24. I don’t have gaydar or straightdar… I have peopledar!
  25. Swinging both ways makes for a fun playground!
  26. I’ve got the full VIP pass to the gender spectrum concert.
  27. If life’s an ocean, I’m diving into both coral reefs.
  28. I’ve got a 3D vision in the world of love – depth in both directions!
  29. Why stick to one lane when you can merge?
  30. Some like tea, and some like coffee. I’m sipping on both.


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Funny Ways to Say You're Bisexual