One Word Substitution Pdf 2021 – Use it Instead of Complete Sentence

One word Substitution in English Conversation

One word Substitution is one of the integral parts of vocabulary. This single word simplifies the full meaning of many words at a time. It simply means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word. This Technique is very useful when you want a healthy conversation and obviously, this will improve your conversation to a newer level. Download this lesson of one word substitution pdf. Here are some one word substitutions that are important for the bank or any other related exams, don’t forget to save this in Pdf.

What is a one word substitution?

One word substitution is basically the replacement of a complete phrase or a sentence with a single phrase. One word substitution make reading easier and clearer. Using one word substitution you can make your paragraphs shorts and meaningful.
The word is just similar to the complete sentence and provides the meaning of the complete sentence.
I have provided some of the very common one word substitutions that are important for SSC, RRB, CDS, UPSC, and SBI PO examinations.

Why Do we need one word substitution?

Before going to the list of one word substitutions let us find out why we need these one word substitutions. Actually, these smart substitutions make our conversation smaller, clearer and easy to understand. Instead of writing a whole sentence, we can simply write one word, that results in concise, lucid, and easy to understand writing. For example, saying “How many languages does the field of learning and teaching language cover?” this big sentence after using a one word substitution, “How many languages does Philology cover?” So the Sentence after using a one word substitution becomes simple, clear, and easy to read and understand. That’s why we need one word substitution.

One Word Substitution List (25 Words)

one word substitution

1.      A Person Who Opposes Another Antagonist
2.      Room Leading Into A Large Room Anteroom
3.      A Collection Of Poem Anthology
4.      Craze For Flowers Anthomania
5.      The Ascribing Of Human Motivation, Characteristics For Behavior To Inanimate Objects, Animal Or Natural Phenomena Anthropomorphism
6.      Strong And Settled Dislike Between Two Persons Antipathy
7.      Loss Of Ability To Use Speech/Understand Aphasia
8.      Total Loss Of Voice Aphonic
9.      One Who Deserts His Religion Apostate
10.  A Pioneer Of A Reform Movement Apostle
11.  A Set Of Instruments Put Together For A Purpose Apparatus
12.  A Person Who Has Just Started Learning Apprentice
13.  Cultivation Of Tress And Vegetables Arboriculture
14.  Words Used In Ancient Time But No Longer In General Use Now Archaic
15.  A Slang Of The Underworld Argot
16.  Military Forces And Their Equipment’s Armament
17.  Own Who Is Guilty Of Firing Property Arsonist
18.  An Assembly Of Hearers Assemblage
19.  Recurrence Of Some Disease After Generation Or Similarity In Special Features With Remote Ancestors Atavism
20.  To Make Thin Or Fine Or To Reduce The Strength Attenuate
21.  Fear Of Failure Atychiphobia
22.  The Group, Especially In The Arts, Regarded A Being The Most Avant-Grade
23.  The Art Of Effective Speaking Elocution
24.  Persuasive And Fluent Speech Eloquence
25.  Place For Ideal Peace And Happiness Elysium


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List of One Word Substitution (30 Words)

list of one word substitution

1.      To Free From The Confines Of Something To Liberate From Emancipate
2.      A Wall Built To Prevent The Sea Or A River From Flooding An Area Embankment
3.      To Raise A Pattern Or Design On The Surface Of Something Emboss
4.      A Professor Who Has Retired From Service Emeritus
5.      A Payment To Legally Binding But For Which Some Moral Obligation Is Felt Ex Gratia
6.      To Atone One’s Sins Expiate
7.      One Who Explains A Theory, Idea Etc. Exponent
8.      Forcing Out(Blood Etc.) From Its Vessel Extravagant
9.      A Person Who Is Filled With Excessive Enthusiasm Extrovert
10.  A Animal Story With Moral Fable
11.  An Exact Copy Of Handwriting, Printing Facsimile/Xerox
12.  Something Artificial Having The Appearance Of Some Thing Got Up Factitious
13.  A Hollow Space In A Wall For A State Niche
14.  One Who Believes In The Philosophy That Nothing Has Real Existence Nihilist
15.  A Member Of A Wandering Tribe Nomad
16.  Study Of Law Nomology
17.  A Quick Remedy Or Apparent Medicine Or Similarly A Pet Scheme Nostrum
18.  Fear Of Darkness Nyctophobia
19.  Offering Made To God Oblation
20.  Destroy Without Any Trace Obliterate
21.  Physician Who Delivers Babies Obstetrician
22.  Fear Of Crowds Ochlophobia
23.  One Who Cure Eye Disease Oculist
24.  The Study Of Teeth Odontology
25.  A Long Wandering Journey Odyssey
26.  Gathering Of All Things Omnibus
27.  Of All Sorts Omnifarious
28.  One Who Eats Everything Omnivorous
29.  Fear Of Snakes Opiophobia
30.  Scornful And Contemptuous Language Opprobrium
31.  The Study Of Mountains Orology

Another List of One Word Substitution

one word substitution pdf

  • Anarchist – One who is out to destroy the government
  • Anatomy – The science of the structure of the human body
  • Anesthetic – A medicine that produces insensitivity
  • Antidote – A medicine to counteract poison
  • Antiquarian – One who studies things of the past
  • Antiseptic – A substance that destroys  germs
  • Aristocracy – Government by the nobility
  • Astronomy – The study of stars
  • Atheist – One who does not believe in God
  • Barrack – A building for lodging of oldies
  • Biology – The study of physical life
  • Botany – The study of plants
  • Brewery – A factory for manufacturing beer
  • Bunting – A collection of flags
  • Calligraphy – The art of beautiful handwriting
  • Cannibal – One who eats human flesh
  • Carcass – The dead body of an animal
  • Casino – A place with gambling tables
  • Cemetery – A place where dead bodies are buried
  • Centenarian – One who is more than a hundred years old
  • Chromatics – The science of colors
  • Confectioner – One who sells sweets and pastries
  • Connoisseur – One who has special skill in judging art, music
  • Constellation – A number of stars grouped together
  • Contemporary – Those who live at the same time
  • Cosmopolitan – One for whom the world is a home
  • Crew – A number of sailors working on a ship
  • Dower – The house of an Arab
  • Drover – One who deals in cattle,
  • Dystopia – A place thought of as the opposite of utopia
  • Elocution – The art of effective speaking
  • Epicure – One who is devoted to the pleasures of eating and drinking
  • Epicure – One who is given to pleasures of the flesh
  • Epitaph – An inscription on a tomb
  • Etymology – The study of the origin and history of words
  • Fleet – A number of ships
  • Flock – A number of sheep
  • Geology – The study of rocks and soils
  • Hamlet – A cluster of houses in a village
  • Herbarium – A place for the collection of dried plants
  • Heretic – One who acts against religion
  • Humanitarian – One who is sympathetic to mankind
  • Hypocrite – One who pretends to be what he is not.
  • Iconoclast – One who breaks images or idols
  • Igloo – The house of an Eskimo
  • Illiterate – One who cannot read and write
  • Immigrant – One who settles in another country
  • Immune – Free from infection
  • Jockey – A professional rider in horse races
  • Kleptomaniac – One who has an irresistible tendency to steal
  • Lapidary – One who cuts precious stones
  • Lecher – A man addicted to lewdness,
  • Lexicographer – One who compiles a dictionary
  • Mimic – One who imitates the voice and gestures of another
  • Mint – A place where money is coined
  • Misanthrope – One who hates mankind
  • Morgue – A place where dead bodies are kept for identification
  • Mortuary – A place where dead bodies are kept
  • Novice – One who is new to a profession
  • Octogenarian – One who is eighty years old
  • Oculist – One who cures eye diseases
  • Oligarchy – Government by a few
  • Omnipotent – One who is all-powerful
  • Omnipresent – One who is present everywhere
  • Omniscient – One who knows everything
  • Optimist – One who looks at the bright side of things
  • Optimist – One who looks at the bright side of things
  • Ornithology – The study of birds
  • Orology – The study of mountains
  • Orphanage – A place where orphans are housed
  • Paleography – The study of ancient writing
  • Panacea – A cure for all diseases
  • Parasite – One that lives on others
  • Pedestrian – One who walks on foot
  • Pessimist – One who looks at the dark side of things
  • Philanthropist – One who loves mankind
  • Philanthropy – Love for mankind.
  • Philatelist – One who collects postage stamps,
  • Philology – The study of languages
  • Polyglot – One who knows many languages
  • Posthumous – Occurring after death
  • Post-mortem – An examination of a dead body
  • Psychology – The study of the human mind
  • Recluse – One who retires from society to live a solitary life
  • Reformatory – An institution for reforming young offenders
  • Resort – A place for improving one’s health
  • Sculptor – One who carves in stones
  • Sheath – A case in which the sword is kept
  • Somnambulist – One who walks in one’s sleep
  • Sot – One who is a habitual drunkard
  • Stethoscope – An instrument for listening to the activities of the heart and lungs
  • Stevedore – One who loads and unloads ships,
  • Stoic – One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure
  • Taxidermy – The art of preserving skin
  • Teetotaler – One who does not drink wine,
  • Theist – One who believes in God
  • Versatile – One who is gifted with several talents,
  • Volunteer – One who offers one’s services,
  • Voluptuary – One who is given to the sensual pleasures of the body
  • Zoology – The study of animals

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