One Word Substitutions: Use it Instead of Long Sentences (Download)

One word Substitution is one of the integral parts of vocabulary. This single word simplifies the full meaning of many words at a time. It simply means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word. This Technique is very useful when you want a healthy conversation and obviously, this will improve your conversation to a newer level. Download this lesson of one word substitution pdf. Here are some one word substitutions that are important for the bank or any other related exams, don’t forget to save this in Pdf.

What is a one word substitution?

One word substitution is basically the replacement of a complete phrase or a sentence with a single phrase. One word substitution make reading easier and clearer. Using one word substitution you can make your paragraphs shorts and meaningful.
The word is just similar to the complete sentence and provides the meaning of the complete sentence.
I have provided some of the very common one word substitutions that are important for SSC, RRB, CDS, UPSC, and SBI PO examinations.

Why Do we need one word substitution?

Before going to the list of one word substitutions let us find out why we need these one word substitutions. Actually, these smart substitutions make our conversation smaller, clearer and easy to understand. Instead of writing a whole sentence, we can simply write one word, that results in concise, lucid, and easy to understand writing. For example, saying “How many languages does the field of learning and teaching language cover?” this big sentence after using a one word substitution, “How many languages does Philology cover?” So the Sentence after using a one word substitution becomes simple, clear, and easy to read and understand. That’s why we need one word substitution.

One Word Substitutions List (A to Z)

Anarchist  One who is out to destroy the government
Anatomy  The science of the structure of the human body
Anesthetic  A medicine that produces insensitivity
Antidote  A medicine to counteract poison
Antiquarian  One who studies things of the past
Apotheosis  The highest point of development or elevation to divine status
Aristocracy  Government by the nobility
Asceticism  Severe self-discipline and abstention from indulgence
Astronomy  The study of stars
Atheist  One who does not believe in God
Barrack  A building for lodging of oldies
Biology  The study of physical life
Botany  The study of plants
Brevity  Concise or brief expression.
Brewery  A factory for manufacturing beer
Bunting  A collection of flags
Calligraphy  The art of beautiful handwriting
Cannibal  One who eats human flesh
Carcass  The dead body of an animal
Casino  A place with gambling tables
Cemetery  A place where dead bodies are buried
Centenarian  One who is more than a hundred years old
Chromatics  The science of colors
Cogitation  The action of thinking deeply about something
Confabulation  Conversation or discussion.
Confectioner  One who sells sweets and pastries
Connoisseur  One who has special skill in judging art, music
Constellation  A number of stars grouped together
Consternation  Feelings of anxiety or dismay
Contemplation  Deep thought or reflection
Contemporary  Those who live at the same time
Continue  To keep going or carry on
Contumacy  Willful disobedience or resistance to authority
Cosmopolitan  One for whom the world is a home
Crew  A number of sailors working on a ship
Delirium  State of confusion and disorientation
Denunciation  The act of condemning openly or publicly
Despondency  State of low spirits or loss of hope.
Diatribe  A bitter and abusive verbal attack
Diversity  Variety or range of differences.
Dower  The house of an Arab
Drover  One who deals in cattle,
Dystopia  A place thought of as the opposite of utopia
Effrontery  Shameless or impudent behavior
Elaboration  Detailed and thorough explanation or expansion
Elocution  The art of effective speaking
Encumbrance  Burden or obstacle
Endurance  Ability to withstand hardship or pain.
Engendering  Causing or giving rise to
Enmity  A state of deep-seated ill will or hostility
Epicure  One who is devoted to the pleasures of eating and drinking
Epicure  One who is given to pleasures of the flesh
Epitaph  An inscription on a tomb
Escapade  A reckless adventure or wild prank
Esteem  Respect and admiration for a person
Ethos  Set of moral values or beliefs that guides behavior
Etymology  The study of the origin and history of words
Explication  The act of explaining or analyzing something in detail
Exultation  Feeling of triumphant elation or jubilation.
Falsification  The act of altering or changing something in order to deceive
Fatuousness  Foolishness or stupidity
Fealty  Loyalty or allegiance to a superior or leader
Ferocity  Extreme fierceness or violence
Fidelity  Faithfulness or loyalty.
Fleet  A number of ships
Flock  A number of sheep
Fulsomeness  Excessive flattery or insincere praise
Garrulity  Excessive and pointless talkativeness
Geniality  Warmth and kindness of disposition.
Geology  The study of rocks and soils
Guile  Sly or cunning intelligence.
Hamlet  A cluster of houses in a village
Hegemony  Leadership or dominance over a particular group or region
Herbarium  A place for the collection of dried plants
Heretic  One who acts against religion
Homily  Religious discourse or sermon.
Homogeneity  The quality of being uniform or similar in nature
Humanitarian  One who is sympathetic to mankind
Hypocrite  One who pretends to be what he is not.
Iconoclast  One who breaks images or idols
Igloo  The house of an Eskimo
Illiterate  One who cannot read and write
Immigrant  One who settles in another country
Immortality  State of living forever.
Immune  Free from infection
Impudence  Insolence or rudeness
Incessancy  Continuation without pause or interruption
Incoherence  Lack of clarity or logic.
Incomprehension  The state of not understanding something
Inebriation  State of being drunk or intoxicated.
Infirmity  Physical or mental weakness or illness
Iniquity  Immoral or unfair behavior.
Insolence  Rude and disrespectful behavior
Jockey  A professional rider in horse races
Jocularity  Humorous or playful behavior.
Judiciousness  Showing good judgement or sense.
Kleptomaniac  One who has an irresistible tendency to steal
Lapidary  One who cuts precious stones
Lecher  A man addicted to lewdness,
Lechery  Excessive or offensive sexual desire.
Legitimacy  Validity of authority.
Lexicographer  One who compiles a dictionary
Lionization  Process of treating someone as a celebrity or hero
Maliciousness  Desire to harm or cause pain to others
Manifestation  Clear or obvious display or demonstration.
Martyrdom  Suffering or death for a cause or belief
Mediation  Intervention to resolve a dispute.
Melancholy  A feeling of sadness or depression
Metamorphosis  Process of transformation or change.
Mimic  One who imitates the voice and gestures of another
Mint  A place where money is coined
Miracle  Remarkable and unexpected event attributed to divine intervention
Misanthrope  One who hates mankind
Monasticism  The practice of living as a monk or nun in a religious community
Morgue  A place where dead bodies are kept for identification
Moroseness  A sullen and ill-tempered disposition
Mortuary  A place where dead bodies are kept
Mournfulness  Feeling or expressing sadness
Multifariousness  Great variety; diverse range of types or things
Murderousness  Tendency towards killing
Nationalism  Patriotic sentiments or principles.
Nemesis  Rival or opponent that is difficult to defeat.
Niceness  The quality of being pleasant, friendly, and likeable
Nonsense  Words or ideas that are absurd or meaningless
Notoriety  State of being famous for a bad quality or deed.
Novice  One who is new to a profession
Nudity  The state of being naked
Octogenarian  One who is eighty years old
Oculist  One who cures eye diseases
Oligarchy  Government by a few
Omnipotent  One who is all-powerful
Omnipresent  One who is present everywhere
Omniscience  All-knowingness
Omniscient  One who knows everything
Opprobrium  Harsh criticism or public disgrace
Optimist  One who looks at the bright side of things
Optimist  One who looks at the bright side of things
Opulence  Wealth and abundance
Ornithology  The study of birds
Orology  The study of mountains
Orphanage  A place where orphans are housed
Paleography  The study of ancient writing
Panacea  A cure for all diseases
Parameter  A limit or boundary
Parasite  One that lives on others
Patience  Ability to endure difficulties without complaint.
Pedestrian  One who walks on foot
Penance  Self-punishment for wrongdoing or sin.
Penury  Extreme poverty
Perception  Interpretation or understanding of sensory information
Perfection  State of being without flaws or defects
Peripatetic  Traveling from place to place.
Permeability  State of being penetrable or allowing passage
Perspicacity  Keenness of perception or understanding
Pertinacity  Persistence or determination in achieving a goal
Pessimist  One who looks at the dark side of things
Philanthropist  One who loves mankind
Philanthropy  Love for mankind.
Philatelist  One who collects postage stamps,
Philately  The collection and study of postage stamps
Philology  The study of languages
Phobia  An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something
Plight  Difficult or dangerous situation
Pluralism  Acceptance of and respect for diversity
Poise  Graceful and balanced behavior
Polarity  State of having two opposite or contradictory aspects.
Politeness  Behavior that shows respect and consideration for others
Poltroonery  Cowardice; lack of courage in facing danger
Polyglot  One who knows many languages
Pomposity  Excessive self-importance or dignity
Posthumous  Occurring after death
Post-mortem  An examination of a dead body
Prattle  Idle or meaningless talk.
Precipice  Steep cliff or drop-off
Prediction  Statement about what may happen in the future.
Pregnancy  State of being pregnant
Prejudice  Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or experience.
Preoccupation  State of being absorbed in thought or activity
Preponderance  Superiority in weight, power, or importance.
Presence  The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present
Presumption  Assumption of something as true without proof.
Primacy  The state of being first in importance
Primevalness  Belonging to the earliest ages.
Princehood  State or rank of being a prince.
Printmaking  Art of making prints from plates or blocks.
Privacy  State of being free from public attention or scrutiny
Probation  Period of testing or trial
Probe  To investigate or explore thoroughly
Procedure  Set of steps or methods used to achieve a result
Procreation  Process of producing offspring
Profession  Occupation or calling.
Profile  A brief summary or description
Profusion  An abundance or large quantity of something
Prolificacy  The quality of producing many offspring or works of art
Pronunciation  Manner in which words are spoken
Propagation  The act of spreading or extending something
Propensity  Natural tendency or inclination
Proportionality  Correspondence in size or amount.
Proposal  A plan or suggestion for consideration
Propriety  Conformity to accepted standards of behavior or morals.
Proscription  The action of forbidding something; prohibition
Provenance  Place or origin or source
Provenience  Place of origin or source
Provision  Action of providing or supplying something.
Psychology  The study of the human mind
Purity  The state of being pure or free from contamination
Putrefaction  Decay or decomposition.
Puzzle  Something that is difficult to understand or solve
Pyromania  An obsessive fascination with fire or setting fires
Quackery  Practice of pretending to have medical knowledge or skills.
Qualification  Requirement or restriction for participation
Rabble-rouser  Someone who incites or stirs up a group of people
Radiation  Energy transmitted through space in the form of waves or particles
Rancor  Long-lasting bitterness or resentfulness
Raunchiness  Vulgar or obscene behavior
Razzmatazz  Excitement, showiness, or razzle-dazzle.
Reactivity  The quality of being reactive or responsive to stimuli
Realism  Representation of things as they are in reality.
Reasonableness  Fairness and logic in decision-making
Rebellion  An act of defiance or resistance against authority
Recluse  One who retires from society to live a solitary life
Rectification  The act of correcting or making something right
Rectitude  Moral integrity or correctness.
Redemption  The act of being saved or rescued from sin or evil
Reflection  Serious thought or consideration
Reform  To improve or make changes to something
Reformatory  An institution for reforming young offenders
Refreshment  Drink or food that refreshes or revitalizes
Regeneration  Process of renewal or regrowth
Regimentation  The imposition of order and discipline
Region  Geographical area with distinctive characteristics
Regulation  A rule or directive made and maintained by an authority
Relation  The way in which two or more people or things are connected
Relief  Alleviation or easing of pain or distress.
Religion  Belief in and worship of a higher power or powers
Remark  A written or spoken comment or observation
Replica  Exact copy or duplicate.
Republic  Government in which supreme power is held by the people
Resettlement  The act of settling in a new place or home
Residence  A place where someone lives or resides
Resilience  Ability to recover quickly from difficult situations
Resort  A place for improving one’s health
Respectability  The quality of being respectable; worthy of respect
Resurrection  The act of rising from the dead
Retardation  Slowing or inhibition of progress or development
Reversal  Change to an opposite direction or position.
Revilement  Abusive or insulting language
Revolution  Fundamental change in power or organizational structure.
Rivalry  Competition or antagonism between individuals or groups
Rottenness  State of decay or corruption.
Royalty  The power or right of a monarch to rule
Ruffianism  Violent or rowdy behavior
Sculptor  One who carves in stones
Sheath  A case in which the sword is kept
Somnambulist  One who walks in one’s sleep
Sot  One who is a habitual drunkard
Sovereign  Having supreme authority or power
Stethoscope  An instrument for listening to the activities of the heart and lungs
Stevedore  One who loads and unloads ships,
Stoic  One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure
Talented  Possessing skill or ability in a particular field
Tasteful  Showing good taste or judgement.
Taxidermy  The art of preserving skin
Teetotaler  One who does not drink wine,
Theist  One who believes in God
Tidy  Neat and well-organized
Top-notch  Of the highest quality or excellence.
Triumphant  Feeling or expressing great happiness or satisfaction.
Trustworthy  Reliable and dependable
Ultra-modern  Extremely modern or cutting-edge
Unconventional  Not following traditional or accepted practices
Urbane  Polite, refined, and sophisticated in manner
Versatile  One who is gifted with several talents,
Vivid  Brightly colored or intense
Vocal  Relating to the voice or speech
Vogue  A popular trend or fashion
Volunteer  One who offers one’s services,
Voluptuary  One who is given to the sensual pleasures of the body
Warmhearted  Kind, friendly, and generous
Wealthy  Having a great deal of money or assets
Well-spoken  Articulate or eloquent in speech
Witty  Clever and humorous
World-class  Of the highest standard or quality in the world
Xanthous  Of the color yellow.
Xiphoid  Shaped like a sword.
Xylographic  Relating to the art of engraving on wood
Xylonic  Pertaining to wood or derived from wood
Yarely  In a nimble or agile manner.
Yesty  Full of life or vigor
Zillion  An extremely large, indefinite number
Zinciferous  Containing or yielding zinc.
Zoology  The study of animals
Zoonotic  Disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

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