Learn 20 Expressions Related to Drink

In everyday conversations, idioms and phrasal verbs related to drinking are common. These expressions can enhance your communication skills and make your speech more engaging. Here, we explore 20 idioms and phrasal verbs associated with drinking, each with a short meaning and an example sentence to illustrate its use.

1. Drink Like a Fish

Meaning: Drink excessively
Example: He drinks like a fish at parties.

2. Bottoms Up

Meaning: Drink it all
Example: Bottoms up! Let’s finish this drink.

3. Wet One’s Whistle

Meaning: Have a drink
Example: I need to wet my whistle after work.

4. On the Rocks

Meaning: With ice
Example: I like my whiskey on the rocks.

5. Drink Someone Under the Table

Meaning: Outdrink someone
Example: She can drink him under the table easily.

6. Go On a Bender

Meaning: Go drinking spree
Example: They went on a bender last night.

7. Pour One Out

Meaning: Pour in memory
Example: He poured one out for his friend.

8. Raise a Glass

Meaning: Make a toast
Example: Let’s raise a glass to the newlyweds.

9. Take a Swig

Meaning: Drink quickly
Example: He took a swig of water before running.

10. Knock One Back

Meaning: Drink quickly
Example: She knocked one back and left.

11. Sip and Savor

Meaning: Enjoy slowly
Example: He likes to sip and savor his wine.

12. Drink in Moderation

Meaning: Drink sensibly
Example: It’s best to drink in moderation.

13. Have One Too Many

Meaning: Overdrink
Example: He had one too many last night.

14. Hit the Bottle

Meaning: Start drinking
Example: He hit the bottle after his breakup.

15. Spike the Drink

Meaning: Add alcohol secretly
Example: Don’t spike the drink at the party.

16. Get Smashed

Meaning: Get very drunk
Example: They got smashed at the concert.

17. Hold One’s Liquor

Meaning: Handle alcohol well
Example: She can hold her liquor better than most.

18. On a Drinking Spree

Meaning: Continuous drinking
Example: They went on a drinking spree this weekend.

19. Drink to Excess

Meaning: Overindulge in alcohol
Example: It’s unhealthy to drink to excess.

20. Beer Goggles

Meaning: Impaired judgment
Example: He had beer goggles and didn’t realize it.

Expressions Related to Drink