Learn 20 Expressions Related to Laziness

Laziness is a common trait we all encounter at times. It can be frustrating when we want to describe someone’s lack of effort or enthusiasm. To help you express this more vividly, here are 20 expressions related to laziness. Each one captures the essence of being lazy in a unique way.

1. Couch Potato

Meaning: Someone who sits a lot.
Example: He’s a real couch potato, watching TV all day.

2. Bum Around

Meaning: Waste time idly.
Example: They bummed around the house all weekend.

3. Kick Back

Meaning: Relax and do nothing.
Example: Let’s just kick back and enjoy the day.

4. Lay About

Meaning: Be lazy and inactive.
Example: She spent the summer laying about, doing nothing.

5. Lounge Around

Meaning: Relax lazily.
Example: He lounges around the house in his pajamas.

6. Procrastinate

Meaning: Delay doing tasks.
Example: She procrastinates on her homework until the last minute.

7. Sit Around

Meaning: Do nothing productive.
Example: They sit around all day, avoiding work.

8. Slack Off

Meaning: Avoid work or responsibility.
Example: He slacks off when the boss isn’t around.

9. Drag One’s Feet

Meaning: Move slowly or reluctantly.
Example: He’s dragging his feet on completing the project.

10. Take It Easy

Meaning: Relax and not work hard.
Example: After a busy week, it’s time to take it easy.

11. Loaf Around

Meaning: Idle and waste time.
Example: He loafs around instead of doing his chores.

12. Put Off

Meaning: Delay doing something.
Example: She put off cleaning her room until it was messy.

13. Goof Off

Meaning: Avoid work by playing.
Example: They goof off during work hours.

14. Dilly-Dally

Meaning: Waste time, be slow.
Example: Stop dilly-dallying and get to work!

15. Veg Out

Meaning: Be idle and relax.
Example: He vegged out in front of the TV all evening.

16. Be Idle

Meaning: Do nothing, be inactive.
Example: She idled away the afternoon reading.

17. Be a Sloth

Meaning: Be extremely lazy.
Example: He’s been a sloth, not doing anything all day.

18. Be a Deadbeat

Meaning: Avoid responsibilities.
Example: He’s a deadbeat who never helps around the house.

19. Be a Slacker

Meaning: Avoid work and responsibilities.
Example: The boss thinks he’s a slacker.

20. Take a Breather

Meaning: Pause and rest.
Example: Let’s take a breather before finishing the project.

Expressions Related to Laziness