20 Expressions Related to Getting Dressed

Getting dressed is a daily routine, but it’s also a rich area of expression in the English language. Whether you’re talking about preparing for a special event or just putting on your everyday attire, there are numerous phrases and idioms that capture the nuances of this universal activity. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 expressions related to getting dressed, each with a clear meaning and a concise example to help you use them confidently in conversation.

Expressions Related to Getting Dressed

1. To dress to the nines

Meaning: To dress very elegantly or formally.

Example: She always dresses to the nines for dinner parties.

2. To put on one’s thinking cap

Meaning: To prepare to think seriously about something.

Example: Let’s put on our thinking caps and solve this puzzle.

3. To button up

Meaning: To close or fasten with buttons; also means to keep quiet about something.

Example: Button up your coat, it’s cold outside.

4. To suit up

Meaning: To dress in a suit or other formal attire.

Example: We need to suit up for the corporate meeting.

5. To wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

Meaning: To openly show one’s emotions.

Example: He wears his heart on his sleeve and tells everyone how he feels.

6. To roll up one’s sleeves

Meaning: To prepare for hard work.

Example: Time to roll up our sleeves and clean the garage.

7. To fit like a glove

Meaning: To fit perfectly.

Example: This new dress fits like a glove.

8. To deck out

Meaning: To dress in a special or fancy way.

Example: She decked out her room with lights and decorations.

9. To have something up one’s sleeve

Meaning: To have a secret plan or advantage.

Example: He always has a trick up his sleeve in negotiations.

10. To zip up

Meaning: To fasten with a zipper; also means to be quiet.

Example: Zip up your jacket before you go outside.

11. To kick off one’s shoes

Meaning: To relax or become comfortable.

Example: He kicked off his shoes and settled on the sofa.

12. To be dressed to kill

Meaning: To wear clothes that attract admiration.

Example: She was dressed to kill at the premiere.

13. To tie up loose ends

Meaning: To complete the final details of a task.

Example: Let’s tie up loose ends before we submit the project.

14. To step into someone’s shoes

Meaning: To take over someone’s duties or responsibilities.

Example: She had to step into her boss’s shoes when he retired.

15. To take one’s hat off to someone

Meaning: To express admiration or respect.

Example: I take my hat off to anyone who runs a marathon.

16. To pull one’s socks up

Meaning: To improve one’s performance or behavior.

Example: You’ll need to pull your socks up if you want to pass this class.

17. To shake a leg

Meaning: To start moving or hurry up.

Example: Come on, shake a leg or we’ll be late!

18. To throw on something

Meaning: To put on clothes quickly without much care.

Example: He threw on a jacket and ran out the door.

19. To dress down

Meaning: To wear casual clothes, or to scold someone.

Example: Fridays are dress down days in our office.

20. To hang up one’s boots

Meaning: To retire from a job or activity.

Example: After 30 years in teaching, he’s hanging up his boots.

Expressions Related to Getting Dressed