Learn 20 Expressions Related to Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a powerful emotion that drives people to achieve their goals with passion and energy. In this blog post, we will explore 20 expressions related to enthusiasm. These expressions will help you communicate your excitement and motivation more effectively in English. Let’s dive in and learn these vibrant expressions.

1. Over the moon

Meaning: Extremely happy

Example: She was over the moon about her promotion.

2. Jump for joy

Meaning: Be very happy

Example: He jumped for joy when he heard the news.

3. On cloud nine

Meaning: Very happy

Example: Winning the lottery put her on cloud nine.

4. Bubbling with excitement

Meaning: Full of excitement

Example: The kids were bubbling with excitement before the trip.

5. Tickled pink

Meaning: Delighted

Example: She was tickled pink by the surprise party.

6. Full of beans

Meaning: Energetic

Example: The children were full of beans at the park.

7. In high spirits

Meaning: Cheerful

Example: They were in high spirits after the victory.

8. Thrilled to bits

Meaning: Very pleased

Example: She was thrilled to bits with the gift.

9. Fired up

Meaning: Very enthusiastic

Example: The team was fired up for the match.

10. Raring to go

Meaning: Eager

Example: He was raring to go on the new project.

11. Buzzing

Meaning: Excited

Example: The office was buzzing with excitement.

12. Pumped up

Meaning: Very excited

Example: The players were pumped up before the game.

13. Over the top

Meaning: Excessively enthusiastic

Example: Her reaction was over the top.

14. Beside oneself with joy

Meaning: Extremely happy

Example: He was beside himself with joy at the news.

15. Bursting with enthusiasm

Meaning: Very excited

Example: She was bursting with enthusiasm for the project.

16. High on life

Meaning: Extremely happy

Example: He felt high on life after the achievement.

17. Walking on air

Meaning: Very happy

Example: She was walking on air after the concert.

18. Giddy with excitement

Meaning: Extremely excited

Example: The kids were giddy with excitement.

19. Can’t contain oneself

Meaning: Very excited

Example: She couldn’t contain herself at the surprise.

20. In seventh heaven

Meaning: Extremely happy

Example: He was in seventh heaven with the good news.

Expressions Related to Enthusiasm