Learn 20 Expressions Related to Recovery

Recovery is a crucial part of life, whether it’s from an illness, a tough situation, or a challenging experience. Knowing the right expressions can help you communicate your journey or support someone else effectively. Here are 20 essential expressions related to recovery.

1. Get back on track

Meaning: Return to normal.
Example: After the illness, she got back on track quickly.

2. Bounce back

Meaning: Recover quickly.
Example: He bounced back after the surgery remarkably fast.

3. On the mend

Meaning: Healing or improving.
Example: She is on the mend after her operation.

4. Back in the saddle

Meaning: Resuming something after a break.
Example: He’s back in the saddle after his injury.

5. Turn the corner

Meaning: Start to recover.
Example: After weeks of treatment, he has turned the corner.

6. Come around

Meaning: Recover consciousness.
Example: She came around an hour after the accident.

7. Pull through

Meaning: Survive a difficult situation.
Example: With great care, he managed to pull through.

8. Patch up

Meaning: Fix or repair.
Example: They managed to patch up their differences.

9. Nurse back to health

Meaning: Help someone recover.
Example: She nursed him back to health after his surgery.

10. Over the hump

Meaning: Past the most difficult part.
Example: He is over the hump and feeling much better now.

11. Get over

Meaning: Recover from.
Example: It took her months to get over the flu.

12. Shake off

Meaning: Recover from quickly.
Example: He shook off the cold within a week.

13. Pick up the pieces

Meaning: Restore after a setback.
Example: She had to pick up the pieces after her loss.

14. Take it easy

Meaning: Rest and recover.
Example: He needs to take it easy for a while.

15. Run out of steam

Meaning: Lose energy or momentum.
Example: She ran out of steam halfway through her recovery.

16. Catch one’s breath

Meaning: Rest after effort.
Example: He needed to catch his breath after the ordeal.

17. Back on one’s feet

Meaning: Fully recovered.
Example: She is back on her feet after her illness.

18. Make a comeback

Meaning: Return to former status.
Example: He made a strong comeback after the setback.

19. Mend fences

Meaning: Repair relationships.
Example: They worked to mend fences after the argument.

20. Build up strength

Meaning: Regain energy.
Example: She is building up her strength after the illness.

Expressions Related to Recovery