Learn 20 Expressions Related to Cooperation

In the modern workplace and everyday interactions, cooperation is pivotal. This blog post explores twenty expressions that capture the essence of working collaboratively. These phrases will help you express and understand cooperation more vividly.

1. Pull together

Meaning: Work collectively
Example: The team pulled together to meet the deadline.

2. Join forces

Meaning: Unite efforts
Example: Companies joined forces to innovate faster.

3. Band together

Meaning: Unite for a cause
Example: Neighbors banded together after the storm.

4. Make common cause

Meaning: Cooperate for shared goals
Example: Activists made common cause for justice.

5. Play ball

Meaning: Agree to cooperate
Example: We decided to play ball with the new vendor.

6. Pull one’s weight

Meaning: Do one’s fair share
Example: Everyone must pull their weight in our project.

7. Bridge the gap

Meaning: Reduce differences
Example: The mediator helped bridge the gap between parties.

8. Iron out differences

Meaning: Resolve disagreements
Example: They ironed out differences during negotiations.

9. Lend a hand

Meaning: Help or assist
Example: Could you lend a hand with this report?

10. Get into bed with

Meaning: Collaborate closely
Example: They got into bed with a major retailer.

11. On the same page

Meaning: Agreeing with others
Example: The team was on the same page by noon.

12. Work hand in glove

Meaning: Work very closely
Example: They worked hand in glove to finish early.

13. Build bridges

Meaning: Improve relationships
Example: He builds bridges with his diplomatic skills.

14. Pitch in

Meaning: Contribute to a collective effort
Example: Everyone pitched in to clean up the park.

15. Put heads together

Meaning: Collaborate to solve
Example: We put our heads together to solve the issue.

16. Keep the ball rolling

Meaning: Maintain momentum
Example: Let’s keep the ball rolling on this project.

17. Reach out

Meaning: Ask for help or cooperation
Example: She reached out to colleagues for support.

18. Smooth over

Meaning: Resolve minor conflicts
Example: He smoothed over the disagreement quickly.

19. Tie up with

Meaning: Partner with someone
Example: Our company tied up with a leading tech firm.

20. Rally around

Meaning: Unite in support
Example: The community rallied around the family in need.

Expressions Related to Cooperation