Learn 20 Expressions Related to Stability

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a sense of stability is crucial. This blog post explores 20 expressions that encapsulate the concept of stability, providing insights through succinct definitions and illustrative examples. These expressions will enhance your understanding and enable you to communicate the idea of steadiness more effectively.

1. Hold the fort

Meaning: Maintain control
Example: She held the fort at work while her boss was away.

2. Keep the ship steady

Meaning: Maintain a stable situation
Example: Despite the crisis, he kept the ship steady.

3. Steady the ship

Meaning: Restore stability
Example: She stepped in to steady the ship during the scandal.

4. Anchor down

Meaning: Secure firmly
Example: We need to anchor down our plans before the launch.

5. Even keel

Meaning: Balanced and steady
Example: Keep on an even keel despite the turmoil.

6. Hold steady

Meaning: Remain stable
Example: Hold steady while I take the measurements.

7. Keep one’s footing

Meaning: Maintain stability
Example: He kept his footing despite the slick conditions.

8. Plant one’s feet

Meaning: Establish a firm position
Example: Plant your feet firmly and push.

9. Balance the scales

Meaning: Ensure fairness or stability
Example: We need to balance the scales in this negotiation.

10. Level out

Meaning: Stabilize after fluctuation
Example: The market is finally starting to level out.

11. Smooth sailing

Meaning: Easy, stable progress
Example: After resolving the issues, it was smooth sailing.

12. Iron out the kinks

Meaning: Remove irregularities
Example: Let’s iron out the kinks in our strategy.

13. Settle the dust

Meaning: Restore calm
Example: We waited for the dust to settle after the announcement.

14. Stand firm

Meaning: Remain resolutely stable
Example: You must stand firm in your beliefs.

15. Hold one’s ground

Meaning: Maintain one’s position
Example: She held her ground during the debate.

16. Keep the balance

Meaning: Maintain equilibrium
Example: He is skilled at keeping the balance between work and life.

17. Lay the groundwork

Meaning: Prepare a stable foundation
Example: They laid the groundwork for a successful partnership.

18. Firm up

Meaning: Make more secure or stable
Example: We need to firm up the dates for the event.

19. Cement one’s position

Meaning: Strengthen one’s stability
Example: He cemented his position in the company with hard work.

20. Stabilize the foundations

Meaning: Secure the base
Example: The team worked to stabilize the foundations of the new building.

Expressions Related to Stability