Learn 20 Expressions Related to Precision

In everyday conversations and writing, using precise language can make your message clear and impactful. Here are 20 expressions that can help you convey precision in your communication. Each expression includes a short meaning and an example sentence to illustrate its use.

1. Cut to the chase

Meaning: Get to the point.
Example: Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the plan.

2. On the dot

Meaning: Exactly on time.
Example: He arrived at 7:00 on the dot.

3. Spot on

Meaning: Exactly right.
Example: Your analysis was spot on.

4. Nail down

Meaning: Confirm details.
Example: We need to nail down the schedule today.

5. On the nose

Meaning: Exactly correct.
Example: His guess was on the nose.

6. Hit the nail on the head

Meaning: Identify exactly.
Example: She hit the nail on the head with her remark.

7. Pinpoint

Meaning: Locate exactly.
Example: The scientist pinpointed the issue precisely.

8. Fine-tune

Meaning: Make small adjustments.
Example: We need to fine-tune the presentation.

9. Zero in

Meaning: Focus closely.
Example: Let’s zero in on the main problem.

10. By the book

Meaning: Follow rules exactly.
Example: He does everything by the book.

11. In black and white

Meaning: Clear and simple.
Example: The rules are laid out in black and white.

12. To the letter

Meaning: Exactly as written.
Example: Follow the instructions to the letter.

13. Crystal clear

Meaning: Very clear.
Example: Her explanation was crystal clear.

14. On the money

Meaning: Exactly correct.
Example: His estimate was on the money.

15. Dead on

Meaning: Exactly right.
Example: Your prediction was dead on.

16. Sharp as a tack

Meaning: Very sharp.
Example: She is sharp as a tack in solving problems.

17. Down to the wire

Meaning: Until the last moment.
Example: We worked down to the wire to finish.

18. Get it down pat

Meaning: Perfectly memorized.
Example: He has the speech down pat.

19. Bang on

Meaning: Exactly right.
Example: His description was bang on.

20. In exact terms

Meaning: Very specifically.
Example: Explain your requirements in exact terms.

Expressions Related to Precision