Learn 20 Expressions Related to Learning

Learning is a lifelong journey filled with countless discoveries and insights. Whether in a formal academic setting or through everyday experiences, we constantly acquire new knowledge. The English language has a rich collection of expressions and idioms that perfectly capture the essence of learning. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 such expressions that are commonly used to describe various aspects of learning. Each one is presented with a brief meaning and an example to help you understand and use these expressions effectively in your own conversations about learning.

Expressions Related to Learning

1. Hit the books

Meaning: Start studying seriously.

Example: She hit the books the night before the exam.

2. Learn the ropes

Meaning: To learn the basics of something.

Example: He’s new, but learning the ropes quickly.

3. On a learning curve

Meaning: In the process of learning about something.

Example: I’m still on a learning curve with this software.

4. Teach an old dog new tricks

Meaning: It’s hard to learn new skills later in life.

Example: My dad learned to use a smartphone; you really can teach an old dog new tricks!

5. Get the hang of it

Meaning: Begin to understand or learn how to do something.

Example: After a few tries, she finally got the hang of riding a bike.

6. A steep learning curve

Meaning: A rapid and intense period of learning.

Example: Quantum physics has a steep learning curve.

7. School of hard knocks

Meaning: Learning through difficult experiences.

Example: He never went to college but has learned through the school of hard knocks.

8. Brush up on

Meaning: Improve knowledge or skill in something by studying.

Example: I need to brush up on my French before the trip.

9. Learn by heart

Meaning: Memorize something thoroughly.

Example: She learned the poem by heart for the recital.

10. Catch on

Meaning: Begin to understand or respond to something.

Example: It took me a while to catch on to the rules of the game.

11. Wrap your head around

Meaning: Understand something complicated.

Example: I just can’t wrap my head around these scientific theories.

12. Break it down

Meaning: Explain something by dividing it into simpler parts.

Example: Let’s break down the process into steps.

13. It’s all Greek to me

Meaning: Something that is difficult or impossible to understand.

Example: I tried reading the manual, but it’s all Greek to me.

14. Sharpen the saw

Meaning: Continuously improving and refreshing skills.

Example: He attends workshops to sharpen the saw.

15. Get up to speed

Meaning: Gain current knowledge of something.

Example: I need to get up to speed with the latest developments.

16. Piece of the puzzle

Meaning: A part of a solution or understanding.

Example: Finding this document was a crucial piece of the puzzle.

17. Think outside the box

Meaning: Think creatively, beyond usual ways.

Example: We need to think outside the box to solve this problem.

18. Back to basics

Meaning: Return to fundamental principles.

Example: This course takes us back to basics.

19. Master the art of

Meaning: Become highly skilled at something.

Example: She has mastered the art of negotiation.

20. A quick study

Meaning: Someone who learns quickly.

Example: He’s a quick study and adapted to his new job in no time.

Expressions Related to Learning