Learn 20 Expressions Related to Money

Money is a significant aspect of our daily lives, and the English language is rich with idioms and phrasal verbs related to it. Learning these expressions can enhance your communication skills, making conversations about finances more engaging and precise. Here are 20 essential idioms and phrasal verbs related to money, complete with their meanings and example sentences.

1. Break the bank

Meaning: Spend too much
Example: Buying that car will break the bank.

2. Foot the bill

Meaning: Pay for something
Example: He offered to foot the bill for dinner.

3. Burn a hole in your pocket

Meaning: Spend money quickly
Example: Her bonus burned a hole in her pocket.

4. Money talks

Meaning: Money influences people
Example: In politics, money talks.

5. Cash cow

Meaning: A profitable asset
Example: The new product is a cash cow.

6. Tighten your belt

Meaning: Spend less
Example: We need to tighten our belts this month.

7. Cost an arm and a leg

Meaning: Very expensive
Example: That watch costs an arm and a leg.

8. In the red

Meaning: Losing money
Example: Our company is in the red this quarter.

9. Make ends meet

Meaning: Manage financially
Example: It’s hard to make ends meet these days.

10. Cheapskate

Meaning: Someone who doesn’t spend money
Example: Don’t be such a cheapskate!

11. Rolling in dough

Meaning: Very wealthy
Example: After the deal, he’s rolling in dough.

12. Money doesn’t grow on trees

Meaning: Money is limited
Example: Remember, money doesn’t grow on trees.

13. On a shoestring

Meaning: With a small budget
Example: We traveled Europe on a shoestring.

14. Bring home the bacon

Meaning: Earn a living
Example: He works hard to bring home the bacon.

15. Nest egg

Meaning: Savings
Example: They have a nice nest egg for retirement.

16. Penny-pincher

Meaning: Someone who saves money
Example: My dad is a penny-pincher.

17. Shell out

Meaning: Pay money
Example: I had to shell out for a new phone.

18. Go Dutch

Meaning: Split the cost
Example: Let’s go Dutch on the meal.

19. Pay through the nose

Meaning: Pay a lot
Example: I paid through the nose for that ticket.

20. Down and out

Meaning: Without money
Example: He was down and out after losing his job.

Expressions Related to Money