Learn 20 Expressions Related to Beginnings

Starting something new often comes with a mix of excitement and challenges. Whether it’s a new job, a project, or even a new chapter in life, having the right expressions at your disposal can help you articulate these moments perfectly. Here are 20 expressions that capture the essence of beginnings.

1. Start from scratch

Meaning: Begin from zero
Example: We had to start from scratch after the fire.

2. Break new ground

Meaning: Innovate
Example: She broke new ground in the field of genetics.

3. Turn over a new leaf

Meaning: Make a fresh start
Example: He decided to turn over a new leaf after the move.

4. Get off the ground

Meaning: Start successfully
Example: The project finally got off the ground last week.

5. Hit the ground running

Meaning: Start quickly and effectively
Example: The new manager hit the ground running on her first day.

6. A clean slate

Meaning: New beginning
Example: Moving to a new city gave him a clean slate.

7. A fresh start

Meaning: New beginning
Example: She moved abroad for a fresh start in life.

8. In the beginning stages

Meaning: Early phase
Example: The software is still in the beginning stages of development.

9. Start off on the right foot

Meaning: Begin positively
Example: It’s important to start off on the right foot with your boss.

10. Kick off

Meaning: Begin
Example: The conference will kick off with a keynote speech.

11. Get a head start

Meaning: Start early
Example: They got a head start on the project by starting in June.

12. Lay the groundwork

Meaning: Prepare for the start
Example: They laid the groundwork for the new policy last month.

13. Make a fresh start

Meaning: Begin anew
Example: She made a fresh start after her divorce.

14. Set the wheels in motion

Meaning: Initiate
Example: We set the wheels in motion for the new initiative.

15. Embark on a journey

Meaning: Start a journey
Example: They embarked on a journey to discover new lands.

16. Begin a new chapter

Meaning: Start a new phase
Example: She began a new chapter in her career last year.

17. Get underway

Meaning: Begin
Example: The construction project will get underway next week.

18. Ring in the new

Meaning: Celebrate new beginnings
Example: They rang in the new year with fireworks.

19. Launch into

Meaning: Begin energetically
Example: He launched into his new role with enthusiasm.

20. Jump-start

Meaning: Start quickly
Example: She took a course to jump-start her career.

Expressions Related to Beginnings