Learn 20 Expressions Related to Food

Food-related idioms add a flavorful twist to language, often drawing directly from culinary experiences. Here are 20 expressions where both the idiom and its meaning are related to food, complete with meanings and example sentences.

1. Butter Someone Up

Meaning: Flatter someone to gain favor.

Example: She tried to butter up the chef to get the recipe.

2. Have a Finger in Every Pie

Meaning: Be involved in many activities.

Example: He has a finger in every pie, from baking to catering.

3. Bring Home the Bacon

Meaning: Earn a living to support family.

Example: She brings home the bacon with her baking business.

4. Bread and Butter

Meaning: Main source of income.

Example: His bread and butter come from his famous bakery.

5. Food for Thought

Meaning: Something to think about seriously.

Example: The chef’s speech gave us food for thought about healthy eating.

6. Couch Potato

Meaning: Lazy person who eats a lot.

Example: Don’t be a couch potato, help with the cooking.

7. In a Pickle

Meaning: In a difficult situation.

Example: He was in a pickle when he ran out of sugar.

8. Big Cheese

Meaning: An important person.

Example: The big cheese of the restaurant came to inspect.

9. Have One’s Cake and Eat It Too

Meaning: Want more than you need.

Example: You can’t have your cake and eat it too; choose one dessert.

10. Sell Like Hotcakes

Meaning: Sell quickly and in large quantities.

Example: The cookies sold like hotcakes at the fair.

11. Sour Grapes

Meaning: Pretend to dislike something you can’t have.

Example: His comments about the pie were just sour grapes.

12. Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Meaning: Take on too much.

Example: She bit off more than she could chew with that big meal.

13. Egg on Your Face

Meaning: Embarrassed by a mistake.

Example: He had egg on his face after burning the cake.

14. Take with a Grain of Salt

Meaning: View skeptically.

Example: Take his cooking advice with a grain of salt.

15. Tough Cookie

Meaning: A strong, determined person.

Example: She’s a tough cookie in the competitive baking world.

16. Gravy Train

Meaning: Easy and profitable job.

Example: The bakery’s success put him on the gravy train.

17. Eat Humble Pie

Meaning: Apologize and admit you were wrong.

Example: He had to eat humble pie after his recipe failed.

18. Cherry-Pick

Meaning: Choose the best.

Example: She cherry-picked the ripest fruits for the salad.

19. Full of Beans

Meaning: Energetic and lively.

Example: The kids are full of beans after eating candy.

20. Not My Cup of Tea

Meaning: Not something you like.

Example: Cooking elaborate meals is not my cup of tea.

Expressions Related to Food