Learn 20 Expressions Related to Decisions

Making decisions is a crucial part of our daily lives, whether at work, home, or in personal matters. Understanding and using expressions related to decisions can help you communicate more effectively and sound more fluent. Here are 20 expressions to enrich your vocabulary.

1. Call the shots

Meaning: Make decisions
Example: She calls the shots at work.

2. Bite the bullet

Meaning: Face a tough decision
Example: He bit the bullet and resigned.

3. Cut to the chase

Meaning: Get to the point
Example: Let’s cut to the chase and decide now.

4. Make a call

Meaning: Decide
Example: It’s your turn to make a call.

5. Take the plunge

Meaning: Decide to do something risky
Example: They took the plunge and got married.

6. Sit on the fence

Meaning: Avoid making a decision
Example: She’s sitting on the fence about the job.

7. Weigh up

Meaning: Consider the options
Example: He weighed up the pros and cons.

8. Burn your bridges

Meaning: Make an irreversible decision
Example: She burned her bridges with her boss.

9. Flip a coin

Meaning: Decide by chance
Example: They flipped a coin to decide.

10. Stick to your guns

Meaning: Maintain your decision
Example: He stuck to his guns about the plan.

11. Take a stand

Meaning: Make a firm decision
Example: She took a stand on the issue.

12. Go back to the drawing board

Meaning: Start over
Example: We’ll go back to the drawing board now.

13. Pull the trigger

Meaning: Make a decisive move
Example: He pulled the trigger on the deal.

14. Call it a day

Meaning: Decide to stop
Example: Let’s call it a day and go home.

15. Cross that bridge when you come to it

Meaning: Deal with a problem when it arises
Example: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

16. Play it by ear

Meaning: Decide as you go
Example: We’ll play it by ear tomorrow.

17. Jump the gun

Meaning: Decide prematurely
Example: He jumped the gun on the decision.

18. Call it quits

Meaning: Decide to stop
Example: They called it quits on the project.

19. Roll the dice

Meaning: Take a risk
Example: They rolled the dice with their investment.

20. Turn the tables

Meaning: Reverse the situation
Example: She turned the tables with her decision.

Expressions Related to Decisions