Learn 20 Expressions Related to Courage

Courage is a vital quality that helps us face challenges and overcome fears. Understanding expressions related to courage can enrich our vocabulary and help us articulate bravery in various situations. This blog post explores 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that convey the essence of courage.

1. Bite the Bullet

Meaning: Face a painful situation.
Example: She decided to bite the bullet and confront him.

2. Take the Plunge

Meaning: Commit to a difficult decision.
Example: He finally took the plunge and started his business.

3. Brave the Elements

Meaning: Endure harsh weather.
Example: They braved the elements to reach the summit.

4. Face the Music

Meaning: Accept the consequences.
Example: After his mistake, he had to face the music.

5. Run the Gauntlet

Meaning: Endure a series of difficulties.
Example: She had to run the gauntlet of critics.

6. Take the Bull by the Horns

Meaning: Deal with a problem directly.
Example: He took the bull by the horns and resolved the issue.

7. Stand One’s Ground

Meaning: Maintain one’s position.
Example: She stood her ground during the argument.

8. Throw Caution to the Wind

Meaning: Act recklessly.
Example: He threw caution to the wind and invested everything.

9. Toe the Line

Meaning: Conform to rules under pressure.
Example: She toed the line despite her reservations.

10. Hold One’s Own

Meaning: Maintain one’s position.
Example: He held his own in the debate.

11. Put on a Brave Face

Meaning: Appear confident despite fear.
Example: She put on a brave face during the crisis.

12. Stick to One’s Guns

Meaning: Maintain one’s beliefs.
Example: He stuck to his guns despite the opposition.

13. Venture into the Unknown

Meaning: Enter uncharted territory.
Example: She ventured into the unknown with determination.

14. Rise to the Occasion

Meaning: Perform well under pressure.
Example: He rose to the occasion during the emergency.

15. Face Up To

Meaning: Confront a difficult situation.
Example: She faced up to her mistakes with courage.

16. Take a Stand

Meaning: Adopt a firm position.
Example: He took a stand against injustice.

17. Stick One’s Neck Out

Meaning: Take a risk.
Example: She stuck her neck out for her beliefs.

18. Take One for the Team

Meaning: Sacrifice for the group.
Example: He took one for the team by volunteering.

19. Walk Through Fire

Meaning: Endure great difficulty.
Example: She walked through fire to achieve her goals.

20. Keep a Stiff Upper Lip

Meaning: Stay strong and calm.
Example: He kept a stiff upper lip during the crisis.

Expressions Related to Courage