Learn 20 Expressions Related to Peace

Peace is a universal desire, cherished by individuals and nations alike. Understanding expressions related to peace can enrich your vocabulary and help you communicate more effectively about tranquility, harmony, and calmness. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs centered around the concept of peace, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence.

1. Make Peace

Meaning: Settle a dispute.
Example: They decided to make peace after their argument.

2. Keep the Peace

Meaning: Maintain order.
Example: The police work hard to keep the peace.

3. At Peace

Meaning: Calm and content.
Example: She felt at peace in the quiet garden.

4. Hold One’s Peace

Meaning: Remain silent.
Example: He chose to hold his peace during the meeting.

5. Break the Peace

Meaning: Disrupt calm.
Example: Loud noises at night break the peace.

6. Rest in Peace

Meaning: Expression for the deceased.
Example: They wished the departed to rest in peace.

7. Peace Out

Meaning: Informal goodbye.
Example: He said, “Peace out,” and left the party.

8. Make Peace With

Meaning: Accept a situation.
Example: She made peace with her past mistakes.

9. Peace of Mind

Meaning: Mental tranquility.
Example: Insurance gives you peace of mind.

10. Peace and Quiet

Meaning: Calm environment.
Example: She needed some peace and quiet to relax.

11. Peace Be With You

Meaning: Formal greeting or farewell.
Example: The priest said, “Peace be with you.”

12. Speak Peace

Meaning: Promote calmness.
Example: Leaders must speak peace in troubled times.

13. Bring Peace

Meaning: Introduce calm.
Example: The agreement brought peace to the region.

14. Live in Peace

Meaning: Coexist harmoniously.
Example: They hope to live in peace with neighbors.

15. Inner Peace

Meaning: Personal tranquility.
Example: Meditation helps achieve inner peace.

16. Peaceful Coexistence

Meaning: Harmonious living.
Example: The communities enjoyed peaceful coexistence.

17. Peace Offering

Meaning: Gesture to settle a dispute.
Example: He brought a cake as a peace offering.

18. Peaceful Solution

Meaning: Non-violent resolution.
Example: They sought a peaceful solution to the conflict.

19. Come in Peace

Meaning: Arrive without hostile intent.
Example: The envoy assured they come in peace.

20. Peace Movement

Meaning: Campaign for peace.
Example: She joined the peace movement in college.

Expressions Related to Peace