Learn 20 Expressions Related to Interest

Interest can manifest in various forms, from the excitement we feel about a new hobby to the concern we have for personal investments. The English language is rich with idiomatic expressions and phrases that capture different shades of interest, curiosity, and engagement. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 popular expressions related to interest, each vividly describing different levels or types of intrigue. Whether it’s piquing curiosity or investing emotionally, these expressions are essential for articulating nuanced feelings and reactions in our daily conversations.

Expressions Related to Interest

1. Spark someone’s interest

Meaning: To arouse curiosity or attention.

Example: The mystery novel really sparked my interest.

2. Catch someone’s eye

Meaning: To attract someone’s attention visually.

Example: The bright colors of the painting caught her eye.

3. Peek one’s curiosity

Meaning: To arouse a mild or initial interest.

Example: The teaser trailer peeked my curiosity.

4. Hold someone’s attention

Meaning: To keep someone interested over time.

Example: The speaker held our attention with his compelling story.

5. Keep an ear to the ground

Meaning: To stay informed about events or trends.

Example: She keeps an ear to the ground for any industry news.

6. Pique one’s interest

Meaning: To stimulate interest or curiosity.

Example: The unusual proposal piqued his interest.

7. Have a finger in the pie

Meaning: To be involved in a situation or activity.

Example: He always likes to have a finger in the pie.

8. On the edge of one’s seat

Meaning: To be very excited and giving full attention to something.

Example: The thriller movie had us on the edge of our seats.

9. To whet one’s appetite

Meaning: To increase someone’s interest or desire.

Example: The preview was meant to whet the audience’s appetite.

10. Hung up on

Meaning: Obsessed or overly concerned with something.

Example: She’s really hung up on getting every detail perfect.

11. Rapt attention

Meaning: Deeply engrossed or absorbed attention.

Example: He listened with rapt attention to the lecture.

12. Have a soft spot for

Meaning: To have a particular fondness or affection for something.

Example: She has a soft spot for stray cats.

13. Tickle one’s fancy

Meaning: To appeal to one’s tastes or interests.

Example: Does this idea tickle your fancy?

14. Make one’s ears prick up

Meaning: To start listening intently because something has aroused your interest.

Example: The mention of a merger made her ears prick up.

15. Draw one’s attention

Meaning: To attract visual or mental focus to something.

Example: The loud noise drew everyone’s attention.

16. Captivate one’s imagination

Meaning: To hold interest with something fascinating or imaginative.

Example: The tale of the ancient city captivated his imagination.

17. Fuel one’s passion

Meaning: To increase one’s enthusiasm for a particular topic or activity.

Example: Traveling around the world fuels her passion for photography.

18. Intrigue one’s mind

Meaning: To arouse curiosity or interest through something mysterious or compelling.

Example: The ancient codes intrigued his mind.

19. Keep one’s eyes peeled

Meaning: To watch carefully for something.

Example: Keep your eyes peeled for any clearance sale signs.

20. Nose around

Meaning: To look for something with curiosity and interest, often secretly.

Example: He nosed around the attic looking for old photographs.

Expressions Related to Interest