Learn 20 Expressions Related to Generosity

Generosity is a quality that is universally admired and often expressed in various ways across different cultures. In English, there are numerous expressions and idioms that capture the essence of being generous, whether it’s with time, resources, or emotional support. This blog post delves into 20 popular expressions related to generosity, providing you with a concise explanation and a brief example of each, so you can incorporate them into your everyday vocabulary and better express your charitable nature.

Expressions Related to Generosity

1. Give the shirt off one’s back

Meaning: To be extremely generous.

Example: He’d give the shirt off his back to help a friend.

2. Go the extra mile

Meaning: To do much more than is required.

Example: She always goes the extra mile to help her team.

3. Lend a helping hand

Meaning: To offer assistance.

Example: Can you lend a helping hand with the event?

4. Open one’s doors

Meaning: To offer hospitality.

Example: They always open their doors to travelers.

5. Give freely

Meaning: To give without expecting anything in return.

Example: He gives freely to the local food bank.

6. Pay it forward

Meaning: To repay kindness by being kind to someone else.

Example: After getting a free coffee, she decided to pay it forward.

7. Spare no expense

Meaning: To spend a lot of money to make something perfect.

Example: They spared no expense for their daughter’s wedding.

8. Pick up the tab

Meaning: To pay the bill for someone else.

Example: Don’t worry about dinner; I’ll pick up the tab tonight.

9. Give someone the benefit of the doubt

Meaning: To trust what someone says without proof.

Example: I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt this time.

10. Pour out one’s heart

Meaning: To offer deep emotional support.

Example: She poured out her heart to comfort her friend.

11. Spread the wealth

Meaning: To share what one has with others.

Example: He made a fortune and is spreading the wealth.

12. Give someone a leg up

Meaning: To help someone improve their situation.

Example: Offering an internship can give someone a leg up in their career.

13. Pull out all the stops

Meaning: To do everything you can to make something successful.

Example: They pulled out all the stops for the charity gala.

14. Foot the bill

Meaning: To pay all the costs for something.

Example: The company footed the bill for the conference.

15. Throw in for

Meaning: To contribute (usually money) to a group purchase.

Example: We all threw in for a gift for our boss.

16. Hand out

Meaning: To distribute something for free.

Example: They hand out free samples at the store.

17. Cast your bread upon the waters

Meaning: To do good deeds without expecting anything in return.

Example: He believes in casting his bread upon the waters.

18. Share and share alike

Meaning: To use something equally with others.

Example: In our house, we share and share alike.

19. Put oneself out

Meaning: To go out of one’s way to help.

Example: She really put herself out to make me feel welcome.

20. Be a good Samaritan

Meaning: To help someone in need, often a stranger.

Example: He was a good Samaritan when he helped the stranded tourist.

Expressions Related to Generosity