Learn 20 Expressions Related to Intelligence

Intelligence is often admired and respected. In this post, we’ll explore 20 expressions related to intelligence. These expressions will help you sound more fluent and articulate when discussing someone’s mental capabilities.

1. Sharp as a tack

Meaning: Very intelligent
Example: She’s sharp as a tack in math.

2. Brainiac

Meaning: Very smart person
Example: He’s the office brainiac, always solving problems.

3. Quick on the uptake

Meaning: Fast learner
Example: She’s quick on the uptake with new software.

4. Bookworm

Meaning: Someone who reads a lot
Example: He’s a bookworm, always with a novel.

5. Bright spark

Meaning: Intelligent person
Example: Jane’s a bright spark in our class.

6. Wise beyond years

Meaning: Very wise for age
Example: He’s wise beyond his years, very insightful.

7. Know-it-all

Meaning: Acts as if knows everything
Example: She can be a know-it-all sometimes.

8. Street smart

Meaning: Practical intelligence
Example: He’s street smart, always knows the way around.

9. Egghead

Meaning: Intellectual
Example: He’s an egghead, always talking science.

10. Think on your feet

Meaning: React quickly
Example: She can think on her feet in crises.

11. Whiz kid

Meaning: Young genius
Example: The whiz kid solved the puzzle in minutes.

12. Clever clogs

Meaning: Someone who shows off knowledge
Example: Don’t be such a clever clogs!

13. Brainwave

Meaning: Sudden idea
Example: She had a brainwave during the meeting.

14. Einstein

Meaning: Very intelligent
Example: He’s the Einstein of our group.

15. Savvy

Meaning: Shrewd, knowledgeable
Example: She’s tech-savvy and very resourceful.

16. Mastermind

Meaning: Clever planner
Example: He’s the mastermind behind our project.

17. Quick-witted

Meaning: Thinks quickly
Example: She’s quick-witted and always has a comeback.

18. Mental giant

Meaning: Extremely intelligent
Example: He’s a mental giant in physics.

19. In the know

Meaning: Well-informed
Example: She’s always in the know about trends.

20. Bright as a button

Meaning: Very intelligent
Example: The new student is bright as a button.

Expressions Related to Intelligence