20 Expressions Related to “Love” in English

Love is a complex and beautiful emotion that inspires countless expressions in the English language. Whether you’re expressing affection, describing romantic feelings, or discussing relationships, these idioms and phrasal verbs will help you articulate the many facets of love.

1. Head over heels

Meaning: Deeply in love
Example: They are head over heels in love.

2. Love at first sight

Meaning: Instant attraction
Example: It was love at first sight for them.

3. Pop the question

Meaning: Propose marriage
Example: He decided to pop the question tonight.

4. Tie the knot

Meaning: Get married
Example: They plan to tie the knot in June.

5. Wear your heart on your sleeve

Meaning: Show emotions openly
Example: She wears her heart on her sleeve.

6. Fall for someone

Meaning: Start loving someone
Example: He fell for her instantly.

7. Sweep off one’s feet

Meaning: Charm or seduce
Example: She swept him off his feet.

8. Have a crush on

Meaning: Be infatuated with
Example: He has a crush on his coworker.

9. Break someone’s heart

Meaning: Cause emotional pain
Example: She broke his heart last year.

10. Double date

Meaning: Two couples go out together
Example: We went on a double date last night.

11. Puppy love

Meaning: Adolescent love
Example: Their relationship was just puppy love.

12. On the rocks

Meaning: In trouble
Example: Their relationship is on the rocks.

13. Kiss and make up

Meaning: Reconcile after a fight
Example: They always kiss and make up.

14. Lovebirds

Meaning: Affectionate couple
Example: The lovebirds are always together.

15. Sweetheart

Meaning: Loved person
Example: She is my high school sweetheart.

16. Heart-to-heart

Meaning: Honest conversation
Example: We had a heart-to-heart talk.

17. Match made in heaven

Meaning: Perfectly suited couple
Example: They are a match made in heaven.

18. Blind date

Meaning: Date with someone not met before
Example: She went on a blind date yesterday.

19. Take one’s breath away

Meaning: Amaze or impress
Example: Her beauty took his breath away.

20. Whirlwind romance

Meaning: Fast, intense romance
Example: Their whirlwind romance led to marriage.

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Expressions Related to Love