Learn 20 Expressions Related to Sorrow

Sorrow is a universal emotion that resonates deeply across different cultures and languages. It often finds expression in phrases and idioms that poetically capture the essence of sadness and grief. This blog post explores 20 poignant expressions related to sorrow, providing insights into how sorrow is articulated through language. These expressions can enhance your emotional vocabulary and deepen your understanding of grief as expressed in English.

Expressions Related to Sorrow

1. A heavy heart

Meaning: Feeling very sad.

Example: She left with a heavy heart.

2. Tears flowed freely

Meaning: To cry a lot.

Example: After the news, tears flowed freely.

3. Heart sank

Meaning: To suddenly feel very disappointed or sad.

Example: My heart sank when I heard the news.

4. Cry one’s eyes out

Meaning: To cry for a long time and very intensely.

Example: He cried his eyes out after the breakup.

5. Down in the dumps

Meaning: Feeling unhappy or without hope.

Example: He’s been down in the dumps lately.

6. Bear the brunt of

Meaning: To suffer the worst part of an unpleasant or problematic situation.

Example: She bore the brunt of the family tragedy.

7. Drown one’s sorrows

Meaning: To try to forget one’s problems by drinking alcohol.

Example: He went to the bar to drown his sorrows.

8. A lump in one’s throat

Meaning: A tight feeling in one’s throat because of emotion.

Example: I had a lump in my throat during the speech.

9. At the end of one’s rope

Meaning: Having no patience or energy left to deal with problems.

Example: She felt at the end of her rope.

10. Tears of sorrow

Meaning: Crying due to sadness.

Example: There were tears of sorrow at the farewell.

11. Wearing grief

Meaning: Visibly showing sadness.

Example: He was wearing grief at the funeral.

12. An emotional rollercoaster

Meaning: Experiencing rapidly changing intense emotions.

Example: The divorce was an emotional rollercoaster.

13. A sinking feeling

Meaning: A feeling that something bad is happening or will happen.

Example: A sinking feeling overwhelmed her as the verdict was read.

14. To wallow in grief

Meaning: To indulge in one’s sorrow.

Example: He’s wallowing in grief after his loss.

15. Grief-stricken

Meaning: Overwhelmed with deep sorrow.

Example: She was grief-stricken by the news of her friend’s death.

16. To pour one’s heart out

Meaning: To freely express one’s deep emotions.

Example: She poured her heart out in the letter.

17. To hit rock bottom

Meaning: To reach the lowest possible level of despair.

Example: After losing his job, he felt like he hit rock bottom.

18. Lost in a sea of grief

Meaning: Completely overwhelmed by sorrow.

Example: She was lost in a sea of grief.

19. A cry for help

Meaning: An action or statement that shows deep distress.

Example: His sudden silence was a cry for help.

20. Broken-hearted

Meaning: Suffering from deep sadness.

Example: He was broken-hearted after the separation.

Expressions Related to Sorrow