Learn 20 Expressions Related to Pride

Pride is a complex emotion that can inspire both positive actions and regrettable arrogance. In this blog post, we explore 20 expressions that articulate various facets of pride, demonstrating its nuanced role in our language and interactions.

1. Swelled Head

Meaning: Excessive pride

Example: His recent promotion gave him a swelled head.

2. Full of Oneself

Meaning: Overly self-satisfied

Example: She’s so full of herself after winning the award.

3. Ride High

Meaning: Displaying triumph

Example: He’s been riding high since the victory.

4. Puffed Up

Meaning: Arrogantly self-important

Example: He’s all puffed up about his minor role.

5. High on the Hog

Meaning: Living in luxury

Example: They’ve been living high on the hog recently.

6. Hold One’s Head Up High

Meaning: Remain proud

Example: Despite the setbacks, she held her head up high.

7. Put on Airs

Meaning: Act pretentiously

Example: He puts on airs every time he dresses up.

8. Strut One’s Stuff

Meaning: Show off abilities

Example: She strutted her stuff in the new dance routine.

9. Look Down One’s Nose

Meaning: Show contempt

Example: They look down their noses at the new neighbors.

10. Have the Upper Hand

Meaning: Gain control or advantage

Example: She always likes to have the upper hand in debates.

11. Toot One’s Own Horn

Meaning: Brag about oneself

Example: He’s always tooting his own horn about his sales records.

12. Stand Tall

Meaning: Be proud and confident

Example: He stood tall after the accusations proved false.

13. Throw One’s Weight Around

Meaning: Use one’s influence forcefully

Example: He’s known to throw his weight around at meetings.

14. Big Fish in a Small Pond

Meaning: Important in limited realm

Example: She’s a big fish in a small pond at work.

15. Walk Tall

Meaning: Act with dignity

Example: After the promotion, he walked tall around the office.

16. Lord It Over

Meaning: Dominate arrogantly

Example: He loves to lord it over the junior staff.

17. Rub Someone’s Nose In It

Meaning: Emphasize someone’s mistake

Example: She rubbed his nose in it after his error.

18. Hold One’s Head High

Meaning: Maintain dignity

Example: They held their heads high despite the criticism.

19. Crow Over

Meaning: Boast about victory

Example: He crows over every little success he has.

20. Pat Oneself on the Back

Meaning: Praise oneself

Example: She patted herself on the back for her handling of the situation.

Expressions Related to Pride